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Structures are custom pre-built areas added by the Spirit Mod that generate upon world creation. Structures can vary in size, and whether they contain loot, furniture, NPCs, or even a boss summon item.

The mod currently adds 3 structures located in Space, 3 structures located on the Surface, 2 structures located in the Briar and 4 structures in the Caverns.


Sky Structures

BiomeBannerAvianIsland.pngAvian Islands
BiomeBannerPagodas.pngFloating Pagoda

Surface Structures

BiomeBannerAncientZiggurat.pngAncient Ziggurat
BiomeBannerBanditHideout.pngBandit Hideout
BiomeBannerArcaneTower.pngArcane Tower

Briar Structures

Briar Hut.pngBriar Hut
Living Elderbark Tree.pngLiving Elderbark Tree

Cavern Structures

DarkSepulchre.pngDark Sepulchre
Fishing Bridge.pngFishing Bridges
Bismite Crystal Clusters.pngBismite Crystal Cluster