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This page is under construction. It is currently missing a lot of information.

Latest Update: 9th of February, 2024. - Pre-Boss is up to date

The Spirit Mod significantly expands on the options the player has for the four vanilla classes - Melee, Ranged, Magic and Summon. This guide is intended to provide the player with suggestions on what weapons, armor and accessories they should be using at each stage of the game. Each class will have access to more complex gear as they progress through the game, allowing for a more varied playstyle the further the player progresses.

This guide only pertains to weapons and equipment added by the Spirit Mod. For a guide on vanilla class loadouts, please refer to the Class Setups Guide on the Official Terraria wiki.

This guide will only go up to Pre-Wall of Flesh until Hardmode is overhauled, as the HM part of the guide will probably become heavily outdated once it is overhauled.

Do note that some things will be put in proper progression; while it is possible to defeat Ancient Avian pre-boss, they won’t be listed until Pre-Skeletron.


— Use together (Items with this symbol and a matching number indicate that they will have specific stacked bonuses when used together.)

— Support items that debuff the enemy or benefit the player in some way

— Or variants / upgrades

— This item might be difficult and tedious to get at this stage


Work on gathering the materials for the starter armor for your class of choice. Gather Frigid Fragments and Bismite Crystals and venture into the Briar to collect Floran Ore or the contents of Briar Chests. Elements of vanilla progression like gathering Life Crystals and mobility accessories underground are still necessary; melee players may also find the Sharpening Station while spelunking, allowing them to ignore 4 enemy defense. Bosses encountered in this tier include Scarabeus, King Slime and the Eye of Cthulhu.

Pre-Evil Boss

After defeating the Eye of Cthulhu, the Jelly Deluge can start happening, which also allows the Moon Jelly Wizard to be fought, a boss who drops multiple powerful items that can be used to easily defeat the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu. In addition, the Enchanter will begin offering new Glyphs that can be used to enhance the player's weapons. This part of the guide assumes you have defeated all bosses before the Evil Bosses and done major events like the Goblin Army. Alongside this, Occultists will start spawning during Blood Moons after EoC’s defeat.


After defeating their world's evil boss, the player should have adventured into the Underworld to collect Hellstone, Obsidian, and drops from Underworld enemies. Summoners should have defeated the Queen Bee multiple times by now and crafted Bee armor (the Hornet Staff is optional; most players choose to use the Imp Staff instead). The Vinewrath Bane and Ancient Avian offer useful weapons to players of all classes, with the latter also offering a mage/ranger hybrid armor set with the Cloud in a Bottle's function.

Pre-Wall of Flesh

After defeating Skeletron, the player gains access to the Dungeon activates, and also allows the Starplate Voyager to be fought, which drops multiple powerful items which can be used to easily defeat the Wall of Flesh. This part of the guide assumes you have defeated all bosses before the Wall of Flesh and done The Tide.

Pre-Mech Bosses

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, Hardmode activates, which also allows Infernon to be fought, which drops multiple powerful items which can be used to easily defeat the Mechanical bosses. This part of the guide assumes you have defeated all bosses before the Mechanical Bosses and done major events like the Pirate Invasion and Mystic Moon.

General Class setups • Mod progression
Pre-Hardmode Bosses Scarabeus • Moon Jelly Wizard • Vinewrath Bane • Ancient Avian • Starplate Voyager
Hardmode Bosses Infernon • Dusking • Atlas
Events Jelly Deluge • The Tide • Mystic Moon