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The Spirit Mod introduces three new unique events and adds new drops and mechanics to existing vanilla events.

Bestiary Jelly Deluge.png Jelly Deluge

The Jelly Deluge is an event that has a chance of occurring each night in Space after Eye of Cthulhu is defeated. It can also start when the player uses the Distress Jelly at nighttime.

Throughout the event, numerous jelly-like enemies and critters will spawn until the night ends. A new boss Moon Jelly Wizard can also be fought during the event with the use of the Dreamlight Jelly.

Bestiary Mystic Moon.png Mystic Moon

The Mystic Moon is an event that has a chance of starting every 1/25 nights in Hardmode. It is also started when the player uses the Turquoise Lens during nighttime.

The event will last the entire duration of the night (7:30pm-4:30am) and will only end when it turns to day. Throughout the duration of the event, numerous new enemies will spawn until the night ends.

Bestiary The Tide.png The Tide

The Tide is an event that is started when the player uses the Seabreak Pearl if in the Ocean biome.

The event is divided into waves with tougher enemies replacing older enemies from previous waves. The event ends after defeating R'lyehian a new miniboss which will spawn after reaching to the final wave of the event, and the event will not end until the miniboss is defeated.

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