Pirate Invasion

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The Spirit Mod introduces one new enemy and several new drops to the Pirate Invasion.


Pirate Invasion
CharactersUnique Drops
Pirate Lobber.pngPirate Lobber

From Pirate Deckhand:

Pieces of Eight.pngPieces of Eight

From Pirate Lobbers:

Bottomless Ale.pngBottomless Ale
Coin Gun.pngCoin Gun
Lucky Coin.pngLucky Coin
Discount Card.pngDiscount Card
Pirate Staff.pngPirate Staff
Gold Ring.pngGold Ring
Golden furniture.pngGolden furniture
Golden Platform.pngGolden Platform

From Flying Dutchman:

Pirate Loot Crate.pngPirate Loot Crate

From Flying Dutchman and Pirate Captains:

Secret Key.pngSecret Key
Captain's Regards.pngCaptain's Regards


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  • 1.4.3: Introduced Pirate Lobber, Secret Key, and Pieces of Eight.
  • Introduced Captain's Regards and Pirate Loot Crate.
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