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Bandit.png Adventurer.png Enchanter.png Gambler.png Oracle.png

The Spirit Mod currently adds 5 new Non-Playable Characters to the game.

Town NPCs


NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Adventurer.png Adventurer Found within the Briar as an Ensnared Adventurer. Sells various items, as well as providing the Quest Book. Adventurer's Treasure Map Javelins
Bandit.png Bandit Worlds with a Bandit Camp: Found as a Bound Bandit.
Worlds with a Goblin Tower: 1 Gold Coin in inventory.
Sells various useful items for the Ranger Class. None Kunais
Enchanter.png Enchanter If the player has a Blank Glyph in their inventory. Sells various items which are bought with Blank Glyphs. None Ruby Bolts
Gambler.png Gambler Worlds with a Goblin Tower: Found as a Bound Gambler.
Worlds with a Bandit Camp: 1 Gold Coin in inventory.
Sells various Lockboxes and other gambling-related items. None Gold Coins
Oracle.png Oracle Found in Marble Caves. Sells various items in exchange for Olympium Tokens. None Greek Fire
(Area of effect; harms enemies)


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