Electric Eel

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Electric Eel
Electric Eel.gif
Damage22 / 44 / 66
Max Life125 / 250 / 375
KB Resist35% / 41.5% / 48%
Inflicts DebuffElectrified.pngElectrified
12.5% chance

Debuff duration3 seconds
Debuff tooltipMoving hurts!
Immune toElectrified.pngConfused.png
BannerElectric Eel Banner.pngElectric Eel Banner
Coins 3 Silver Coin.png 40 Copper Coin.png
Utilizing the energy it builds up as it swims, this slender fish can release it in one big jolt, packing quite the punch.

The Electric Eel is a Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawns in the Ocean. It attacks by swimming toward the player, dealing contact damage and inflicting the Electrified debuff.


  • 1.4.3:
    • Can now drop Iridescent Scales.
    • Now immune to Electrified and Confused.
  • 1.1.1: Now drops the Eel Tail.
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