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Map icon
EnvironmentValid house
Max Life250
KB Resist50%
The Gambler has long lived life on the edge, lending herself to the whims of fate. While this makes her an ardent player, it also once bound her to the top of a goblin fortress.
Bound Gambler
Bound Gambler.png

The Gambler is an NPC vendor that sells various chance themed items. She can be found in the Arcane Tower as a Bound Gambler. Similar to other bound NPCs, talking to her allows her to claim a house and respawn when killed. She may also spawn naturally in worlds with a Bandit Hideout, as long as there is a valid house and the player has 1 Gold Coin in their inventory.

When threatened, she will throw Gold Coins at enemies.

Items sold


Item Cost Availability
Copper Chest.png Copper Chest 10 Silver Coin.png Always available.
Silver Lockbox.png Silver Lockbox 50 Silver Coin.png Always available.
Gold Coffer.png Gold Coffer 5 Gold Coin.png Always available.
Platinum Strongbox.png Platinum Strongbox 50 Gold Coin.png Always available.
Ace of Clubs.png Ace of Clubs 5 Gold Coin.png At night during the moon phases 1–2: Moon-full.png Moon-2.png
Ace of Spades.png Ace of Spades 5 Gold Coin.png At night during the moon phases 6–4: Moon-7.png Moon-2.png
Ace of Diamonds.png Ace of Diamonds 5 Gold Coin.png At night during the moon phases 5–6: Moon-4.png Moon-new.png
Ace of Hearts.png Ace of Hearts 5 Gold Coin.png At night during the moon phases 7–8: Moon-3.png Moon-4.png
Dartboard.png Dartboard 10 Gold Coin.png Always available.
Slot Machine.png Slot Machine 50 Gold Coin.png Always available.
Magic Deck.png Magic Deck 25 Gold Coin.png In Hardmode.

Living preferences

Biome Neighbor
Loves n/a Wizard.pngWizard
Dislikes Jungle.pngJungle Merchant.pngMerchant
Hates n/a Goblin Tinkerer.pngGoblin Tinkerer


The Gambler can have the following names:

  • Aleksa
  • Alexandra
  • Celine
  • Gray
  • Sasha
  • Vanessa
  • Yumeko


Interaction Quotes

    • "Gambling is the sport of royals. Why don't you take a chance?"
    • "I should warn you, my game isn't for the faint of heart."
    • "Gambling's bad for you. Unless you win."
    • "Win or lose, the thrill of the game is worth the money."
    • "You have the face of a winner. Step up!"
    • "Get a sense of pride and accomplishment, for just a few coins!"

    When rescued:

    • "Must be my lucky day to see a friendly face around here! These goblins didn't take too kindly to me offering a, uh, rigged deal. Anyway, d'you have a place to stay? Let's flip for it."
  • Happiness Quotes

  • When neutral:

    • "While we're both taking a minute here, why not open a box or two?"

    When homeless:

    • "I need a place to call my own - where'll I set up a place otherwise?"

    When far from home:

    • "Money is one thing, but I'm not about gambling with my life. Where's my home?"

    When in a sparse area:

    • "I'm the gamblin' type but I'm not the casino type - I love it nice and calm."

    When overcrowded:

    • "There's such a thing as too many cooks in the casino, if you catch my drift."
    • "People keep knocking over my loot boxes! How am I supposed to sell here?"

    When in the Desert:

    • "Ah, the Desert. Just the perfect place to set up shop."

    When in the Jungle:

    • "Nobody likes to gamble in the humidity. The coins get all wet and gross!"

    When in an Evil Biome or the Dungeon:

    • "I CANNOT be making cash flow here."

    When near the Wizard:

    • "Once, I upsold a wooden chest to <name of Wizard> for a quick buck. He opened it and there were like, three hundred ducks in there. I've never been so confused and amazed."

    When near the Princess:

    • "Y'know, <name of Princess> has some spunk. She's fierce, and you could be too!"

    When near the Stylist:

    • "My hair? That's <name of Stylist>'s pride and joy. She does a wonderful job."

    When the Merchant is present:

    • "Unlike <name of Merchant>, I don't hoard my wealth."

    When the Goblin Tinkerer is present:

    • "Say what you want about ME, but is what <name of Goblin Tinkerer> does even legal?"
  • History

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