Dark Alchemist

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Dark Alchemist
Dark Alchemist.png
TypeUndead Enemy
Damage29 / 58 / 87
Max Life140 / 280 / 420
KB Resist35% / 41.5% / 48%
Immune toPoisoned.pngAcid Venom.pngOn Fire!.pngCursed Inferno.png
BannerDark Alchemist Banner.pngDark Alchemist Banner
Coins 2 Silver Coin.png 20 Copper Coin.png
These bringers of plague roam the shadows of the dungeon. Don't let yourself be caught taking one of their many workplaces strewn about, lest you suffer acid burns.
Projectile created
Toxic Flask (hostile).png
Toxic Flask

The Dark Alchemist is a Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawns within the Dungeon. It walks towards the player and attacks them by throwing plague vials that shatter into two short-lingering sparks upon collision.


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