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They offers blessings and goods in exchange for ancient currency. They wear a blindfold, as being enlightened and blessed by Olympus has made their vision unnecessary.

The Oracle is a Hardmode NPC vendor that randomly spawns in Marble Caves while the quest "Ancient Augury" is active. She sell various items in exchange for Olympium Tokens, a special currency.

She is invincible, a property unique to her amongst all NPCs. Nonetheless, when enemies are nearby she will create an aura around herself that inflicts the Greek Fire debuff on enemies, similar to the Dryad's attack.

Items sold


Item Cost Availability
Iokheira.png Iokheira 25 Olympium Token Always available.
Mark of Zeus.png Mark of Zeus 25 Olympium Token Always available.
Blades of Chaos.png Blades of Chaos 25 Olympium Token Always available.
Eleutherios.png Eleutherios 20 Olympium Token Always available.
Mirror Coat.png Mirror Coat 2 Olympium Token Always available.
Olive Branch.png Olive Branch 2 Olympium Token Always available.
Sacred Scripture.png Sacred Scripture 1 Olympium Token Always available.
Pocket Mirror.png Pocket Mirror 10 Olympium Token Always available.


Clicking on the Oracle's "Bless" dialogue option gives the player the Heresy buff for 5 minutes, which increases the chance of Arachmatons, Lernean Hydras, Medusas, Stymphalian Bats, and Trochmatons being blessed from 1/15 (6.67%) to 1/5 (20%). Being blessed permanently increases the enemy's maximum health by 50%, makes them drop 3-5 Olympium Tokens upon death, and gives them one of the following effects:

  • Asclepius Boon.png Asclepius: Shoots out 3 Asclepius Orb.png Orbs of Asclepius that each heal an injured enemy for 40 health. If there are any injured enemies within 37.5 blocks it will use this ability every 2.7 seconds.
  • Hecate Boon.png Hecate: Shoots out a Hecate Rune.png Rune of Hecate towards the player every 5 seconds, which can pass through walls and deals the same amount of damage as the enemy whom it blesses.
  • Hestia Boon.png Hestia: Sends out a beam to up to 3 nearby blessable enemies, creating a triplet of Hestia Runes.png Runes of Hestia around them, which increase their damage by 20% and defense by 15.
  • Nemesis Boon.png Nemesis: Spawns a Sword of Nemesis.png Sword of Nemesis above the enemy, which swings at the player 3 times before vanishing. Each swing does the same amount of damage as the enemy whom it blesses.


The Oracle can have the following names:

  • Cassandra
  • Chrysame
  • Eritha
  • Hypatia
  • Themistoclea
  • Theoclea
  • Phemonoe
  • Pythia


  • "The heavens have certainly spoken of you, <name of Player>."
  • "The divinity I offer isn't for any simple coin, traveler."
  • "Have you caught wind of a man named Zagreus? ...nevermind."
  • "Oh, how far I'd go for some ichor..."
  • "I have a little scroll for sale, if you wish to find me elsewhere."
  • "Not having eyes is a blessing from the gods when you work where I work."
  • "Warm greetings, warrior. I sense power within you, perhaps I can aid in its growth. The creatures within these walls hold mighty tokens, in which I am interested. If you were to trade them with me, I would grant you a weapon enchanted by the gods themselves!"
  • "Ah, what I would give for some aged wine... Has Anthesteria arrived already?"
  • "My epic tale has no end, and may never have one!"
  • "Mythology? What part of this makes you believe it is a myth?"
  • "I have lost track of time, and the gods refuse to tell me where it is!"
  • "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet... Be patient, I'm not finished."
  • "I am unable to die unless I am forgotten. I wonder who still remembers me..."
  • "What do you need? I don't have unending time. Hm...on second thought..."
  • "I had all life to write a glorious tale, but I cannot get past 'the'."
  • "Between you and me, reptiles cause me great distress."
  • "I ponder about the presence of ambient song in the distance, yet cannot stop myself from indulging in it."
  • "Boons? You want them? They're yours, my friend!"
  • "Ah, I see. Or do I? Intriguing, is it not?"
  • "The reason I float is simple - why should I not, if I can?"

When first talked to:

  • "I've been expecting you, traveler. My visions spoke of a time when a hero would need some guidance. I can offer you powerful armaments in exchange for Olympium, the currency of the Gods. To find some, seek out and defeat enemies that have been blessed by the Gods themselves. I can give you my blessing if you would like to find more of these creatures, but you risk incurring the wrath of the Gods."

After completing the quest Ancient Augury:

  • "Ah, you've returned safe and sound! Wonderful. I'll exchange these tokens with you for some powerful weapons and equipment. And take this sacred parchment. If you need me, I will be by your side. Safe journey, hero."

After selecting Bless:

  • "You wish for a challenge? I may stop you not, as it benefits us both. I do hope you're prepared!"
  • "I shall consult the gods about their boons - these monsters will become relentless, I hope you are aware."
  • "You want me to call them what?! Such foul battle language, yet I will deliver the message. The Gods won't be happy about this!"
  • "The boons cause slain foes to drop more tokens, yes, but do remember that the foes become stronger, too!"
  • "Do come back alive! I would enjoy hearing tales of your victories. Bring many tokens as well!"


  • Corrected a word in one of the dialogues.
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