Skeleton Brute

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Skeleton Brute
Skeleton Brute.png
TypeUndead Enemy
EnvironmentBlood Moon
Damage26 / 52 / 78
Max Life200 / 400 / 600
KB Resist30% / 35% / 40%
Immune toConfused.png
BannerSkeleton Brute Banner.pngSkeleton Brute Banner
Coins 30 Silver Coin.png
As a specimen, yes, they're intimidating. In a swinging match, nobody swings like a Skeleton Brute.

The Skeleton Brute is a Pre-Hardmode enemy found during a Blood Moon after any boss has been defeated. It attempts to slash at the player with either an uppercut, or a large swing that deals 1.5x damage and deals huge knockback.


  • Only one Skeleton Brute can spawn at a time.


    • Can now drop the Brute Hammer.
    • Reduced max health from 250 to 200.
  • 1.4.3:
    • Now only spawns after any boss has been defeated.
    • Increased health from 125 to 250.
    • Increased damage from 22 to 26.
    • Increased money dropped from 4 Silver Coin to 30 Silver Coin.
    • Can no longer drop Dreamstride Essence.
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