Starplate Voyager

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For more elaborate strategies on defeating the Starplate Voyager, including weapon and arena recommendations, see Guide:Starplate Voyager strategies.
Starplate Voyager
Starplate Voyager
Map icon
Starplate Voyager.png
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
EnvironmentAsteroid Field
Max Life8,000 / 9,600 / 12,240
KB Resist100%
Immune toAll debuffs
Coins 4 Gold Coin.png
A strange automaton of unknown origin, designed for mining a precious metal from the stars. It utilizes the untapped energy found within the ore to power itself and perpetuate an endless search.

The Starplate Voyager is a Pre-Hardmode worm boss, intended to be fought between Skeletron and the Wall of Flesh.


The Starplate Voyager does not spawn on its own, and requires the player to use a Starplate Beacon at an Astralite Beacon, which is found within the Asteroid Field. It can be summoned at any time.


Starplate Voyager Head
Starplate Voyager Head.png
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
Damage25 / 50 / 75
Starplate Voyager Body
Starplate Voyager Body.png
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
Damage35 / 45 / 68
Starplate Voyager Body (Alternate)
Starplate Voyager Body (Alternate).png
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
Damage35 / 45 / 68
Starplate Voyager Tail
Starplate Voyager Tail.png
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
Damage25 / 32 / 48


The Starplate Voyager is a worm boss that floats above the player and occasionally digs itself into the ground to attack the player from below. The Voyager's head can easily be tracked, as it trails with blue light. Only the glowing segments of the Voyager can be damaged; the glowing segments will periodically change at random.

Phase 1

  • The Starplate Voyager flies above the player. Its head launches bouncing blue beams, while its tail will fire accelerating golden beams.
  • Periodically projects the message "Target Engaged" above its head, speeding up and flying in a loop around the player as its segments all fire a barrage of accelerating astral stars towards them.
  • At 75% HP, the Voyager's tail explodes and transforms into a Starfarer. This Starfarer cannot be destroyed and does not deal contact damage. It shoots 3-shot bursts of yellow beams in the direction of the player.
  • At 50% HP, the Voyager starts periodically summoning pairs of Laser Launchers around the player. Laser Launchers charge up and fire telegraphed blue lasers at the player before transforming into Laser Bombers. Laser Bombers are short-lived drones that attempt to ram into the player and explode, but can be shot down before exploding.

Phase 2

At 20% HP, all of the Starplate Voyager's body segments explode into stationary, lingering stars as the head of the Voyager starts flying around, drastically changing its attack pattern to a new, fixed sequence. The head of the Voyager becomes the new target and the Starfarer from before despawns.

  • Teleports around the player 5 times, summoning 5 Laser Launchers around the player with each teleport. The message "Initiating Laser Protocol" is projected every time it teleports.
  • Flies back and forth above the player, summoning 3 short-lived Starfarers that do the same. The boss and the Starfarers rain down yellow lasers.
  • Rapidly teleports around the player 7 times, firing telegraphed blue bolts from its mouth. It summons a Laser Bomber every time it teleports.
  • Pauses briefly before repeating the process.

In Expert Mode

  • When below 12.5% HP, the Voyager creates a visual effect that causes the screen to distort and glitch randomly. This effect increases in intensity as the Voyager loses life.


Enemy Health Condition
Starfarer.pngStarfarer Tango Cross1.png When reaching 75% life.
Laser Launcher.pngLaser Launcher Tango Cross1.png When reaching 50% life.
Laser Bomber.pngLaser Bomber 5 / 5 From Laser Launchers.


  • Once defeated, the Voyager will begin a unique death animation in which it shakes rapidly and erupts into a large number of sparks before exploding.
    • This animation lasts 3.3 seconds.
    • The boss itself drops money and 5-15 Lesser Healing Potions, but the animation drops all of the boss's items, as well as an additional 10-11 Lesser Healing Potions.
  • The Clothier will begin selling the Commando's set.
  • Once defeated, a message will appear in the chat, The Astralite in the Asteroids hums with energy, meaning that Astralite Shards can now be mined within the Asteroid Fields.


    • Reduced Master Mode health from 14,400 to 12,240.
    • Now drops a Master Mode relic and pet item.
  • 1.4.2: Reduced health from 10,000 / 12,000 to 8,000 / 9,600.
  • Now has piercing immunity.
    • Now enters its second phase at 20% life.
    • Increased life from 8,300 / 9,960 to 10,000 / 12,000.
    • Boss encounter reworked with new visuals, a resprite, and an updated AI
    • Renamed from "Starplate Raider" to "Starplate Voyager".
    • Increased life from 6,700 / 8,040 to 8,300 / 9,960.
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