Blossom Hound

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Blossom Hound
Blossom Hound.gif
EnvironmentThe Briar
Damage11 / 22 / 33
Max Life75 / 150 / 225
KB Resist50% / 55% / 60%
BannerBlossom Hound Banner.pngBlossom Hound Banner
Coins 1 Silver Coin.png 80 Copper Coin.png
Blooming elderbark carved into the shape of a hound, fueled by an insatiable need to feed and nurture the flowers on its body.

The Blossom Hound is a Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawns in The Briar. It has a moderate move speed but can periodically dash for 2.5 seconds to increase its speed, jump height, and knockback resistance to 100%.


  • 1.5: Can now drop the Anodyne Hat.
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