Cobbled Eye

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Cobbled Eye
Cobbled Eye.png
Damage80 / 120 (Contact)
110 / 156 (Miracle Beam)
Max Life2,700 / 2,970
1,500 / 1,650
1,000 / 1,100
KB Resist100%
Immune toPoisoned.pngAcid Venom.pngConfused.pngFestering Wounds.pngBlood Corruption.pngBlood Infusion.png

Cobbled Eyes are a boss servant enemy summoned during the Atlas battle. They rotate in rings around Atlas, with a new ring appearing each time the boss drops to 75%, 50%, and 25% health. Cobbled eyes fire Miracle Beam.png Miracle Beams at the player at random frequencies. The first set of 5 have 2,700 / 2,970 health, the second set of 10 have 1,500 / 1,650 health, and the final set of 41 have 1,000 / 1,100 health. When Atlas dies, all Cobbled Eyes immediately self-destruct.


  • 1.4.3: Now immune to Venom, Poisoned, Confused, Festering Wounds, Blood Coruption, and Blood Infusion.
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