Pirate Lobber

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Pirate LobberHardmode exclusive
Pirate Lobber.png
EnvironmentPirate Invasion
Damage29 / 58 / 87 (Contact)
60 / 78 / ? (Barrel)
Max Life140 / 280 / 420
KB Resist35% / 40% / 45%
BannerPirate Lobber Banner.pngPirate Lobber Banner
Coins 20 Silver Coin.png
This pirate had found rolling to be a much more effective way to transport barrels along the deck. Funnily enough, it works pretty well on foes as well!

The Pirate Lobber is a Hardmode enemy that only appears during Pirate Invasions. It walks towards the player, and once within 25 tiles, tries to attack the player by rolling barrels along the ground. It does not attempt to deal contact damage, but will if the player runs into it.


  • The barrels thrown by the Pirate Lobber do not damage Town NPCs, though it can still deal contact damage.
  • The Pirate Lobber doesn't actually stand still while throwing barrels, it just slows down to 0.8% of its normal speed. Given enough time, it will eventually reach the player.


  • Can now drop Bottomless Ale.
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