Mang-O War

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Mang-O War
Mang-O War.gif
EnvironmentThe Tide
Damage30 / 60 / 90
Max Life225 / 450 / 675
KB Resist90% / 91% / 92%
Immune toConfused.png
BannerMang O' War Banner.pngMang O' War Banner
Coins 2 Silver Coin.png
Small, airborne marine life. While named after their fruity smell and vibrant color, they are not in fact sweet.

The Mang-O War is an Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawns during The Tide event. It behaves similar to the Gloop, propelling itself upwards twice and in the direction towards the player to deal contact damage. It will stop in place and attempt to cast four pink sparks at the player, this attack is indicated by the enemy glowing bright pink and becoming immune to knockback.


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