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The Update was the long-awaited overhaul to the Spirit Mods content in Pre-Hardmode. It included the reworks of Ancient Avian and the Starplate Voyager as well as overhauls to the Briar and The Tide. It also included new additions such as the Asteroid Fields Biome and the Occultist, a new miniboss for the Blood Moon.


Asteroid Fields


The Tide



Equipable Items

Miscellaneous Additions





  • Will occasionally stop to summon waves of sand from the ground.
  • Will summon Children of Scarabeus throughout the fight.
  • Now has a second phase where it will fly at the player.
Ancient Avian
  • Renamed from Ancient Flier to Ancient Avian.
  • Fires more fossil feathers at once.
  • Will occasionally stop and generate a windstorm. While this windstorm is active, red comets will rain from the sky.
  • After a windstorm, the Avian will summon 3 Gustnadoes. These Gustnadoes will damage the player and launch them upward.
  • When below 1000 life, it will summon 5 Gustnadoes instead of 3 and will summon comets from the left rather than from above.
  • In Expert Mode, Windstorms inflict mighty wind based on the direction of the wind. Additionally, at 60% Life, the windstorm visual effect will remain for the rest of the fight and comets will constantly rain from the sky at irregular intervals.
  • Drops the Talon Blade, Soaring Scapula, Talon's Fury and Apostle's armor.
Starplate Voyager
  • Renamed from Starplate Raider to Starplate Voyager.
  • Phase 1
    • The Voyagers body segments will transition between active and inactive. While active, the segments can be damaged. When inactive, the segments cannot be damaged.
    • Will occasionally fire a barrage of stars from its body segments.
    • At 6500 HP, the Voyagers tail explodes and transforms into a Starfarer. The Starfarer cannot be destroyed, or deal contact damage and will fire yellow beams at the player.
    • At 5000 HP, the Voyager will begin to summon 2 Laser Launchers around the player. These Laser Launchers will charge up lasers in the players direction before firing. Once they have fired, they will transform into Laser Bombers.
  • Phase 2
    • The Voyagers body segments and Starfarer will explode, leaving a trail of stars where they were.
    • The Voyager will teleport around the player summoning Laser Launchers to attack them. These Laser Launchers will transform into Laser Bombers after firing.
    • The Voyager will teleport above the player and summon multiple Starfarers. Together, they will move left to right in a horizontal line and rain lasers down below them.
    • The Voyager will rapidly teleport around the player, quickly firing lasers at them and summoning a Laser Bomber each time it teleports.
  • Drops Astralite Shards.


Glade Wraith
  • Will now attack the player by flying at them and shooting leafs, occasionally stopping to throw a barrage of Thorn Balls.
  • Can now be summoned by breaking a Bone Altar, using a Glade Wreath or be found naturally within the Briar.
  • Drops the Huskstalk Staff.
  • Reworked into a Miniboss.
  • Will fly around the player and siphon mana.
  • Will teleport and begin to shoot ricocheting fireballs at the player.
  • Drops the Eye of the Beholder.
  • Reworked into a Miniboss.
  • Can fly around using Rocket Boots, leaving a trail of damaging embers behind him. Once he has finished flying, he will release a burst of homing rockets.
  • Can summon miniature Coil Drones that will descend upon the player.
  • Drops more Tech Drives.
Fallen Angel
  • Reworked into a Miniboss.
  • Will attack by dashing 4 times, followed by releasing a cluster of Shooting Stars to the player.
  • Drops less Star Pieces.

Town NPCs

  • Renamed from Rogue to Bandit.
  • Now found in the Bandit Hideout.
  • Shop Updated.
  • Shop Updated.


  • Bismite Weapons inflict Festering Wounds.
  • Floran Saber now shoots out vines.
  • Coiled Blade will now create an explosion every 4 successful hits.
  • Cryolite Sword renamed to Rimehowl, which can charge up a Cryolite Wave.
  • The Tenderizer will now inflict Ichor.
  • The Sluggers knockback and damage have been increased significantly.
  • Florang renamed to Floran Cutter, when used will roll across the ground.
  • Floran Bow fires 2 arrows at once in a spread.
  • Eyeball arrows from the Eyeshot now bounce off of tiles.
  • Arrows shot from the Starcharger are converted to positively or negatively charged arrows, which will create an explosion if they hit each other.
  • Breath of the Zephyr can now be thrusted outward like a spear.
  • Bloodletter now fires blood tentacles
  • Flarespark Staff summons a flame geyser above the player.
  • Vessel Drainer now fires large blood tentacles.
  • Cobalt Staff summons cobalt shards at the cursor position which home back to the player.
  • Palladium Staff summons a runic pillar at the cursor position which will restore health to players within.
  • Mythril Staff shoots 2 homing mythril bolts
  • Orichalcum Staff shoots out 8 Orichalcum bolts 45 degrees apart around the cursor position.
  • Skeletalon Staff summons Ancient Apostles on the cursor position to attack enemies.
  • And many more changes...



  • Resprited Adventurer, Bandit, and Enchanter Town NPCs.
  • Resprited Ancient Avian, Atlas, Beholder, Fallen Angel, Glade Wrath, Mechromancer, Overseer, and Starplate Voyager.


  • Fixed issues with Boss movement and AI in multiplayer for Scarabeus, Ancient Avian, Vinewrath Bane, Starplate Voyager, Dusking, and Atlas.
  • Fixed multiple enemies glitching and shooting too many projectiles in multiplayer.
  • Fixed awkward Reach (now Briar) generation through Deserts, Dungeons, etc.
  • Fixed Aliens not spawning in the Solar Eclipse.
  • Fixed Mystic Moons lasting infinitely/while underground.
  • Fixed multiple items doing the wrong type of damage.
  • Fixed multiple items selling for too high or too low of a price.
  • Fixed Spirit Chests not opening (deleted Spirit Chests and all their related loot).
  • Fixed and re-implemented missing Donator content.
  • Fixed Minibosses overriding other music with silence/Boss 1.
  • Fixed numerous bugs with Elderbark Furniture placement, etc.
  • Fixed multiple tiles not having a map icon and using incorrect dusts.
  • Reduced the volume of all Spirit tracks to match Vanilla.
  • Fixed strange interactions of the Two-Faced Mask.
  • Dozens of minor bugs fixed, including incorrect weapon effects, incorrect enemy spawning/AI, incorrect armor bonuses, grammatical errors.


  • Artifact weapons and all related items were removed or made unobtainable.
  • Removed Illuminant Master and most of its contents.
  • Removed Ethereal Umbra and its contents.
  • Removed Flesh Golem and the Flesh Render.
  • Removed Jabberwocky and its contents.
  • Removed the Lunatic NPC.
  • Removed the Glade along with some of its contents.
  • Removed the Spirit Islands and their contents.
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