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The Briar is a cursed biome that generates on world creation. It is a fairly large biome similar to the Forest, with yellow-green trees and dark green grass, Skulls on a Stick, a large Living Tree-like structure, a fairly large system of caves beneath the surface containing Briar Huts where Briar Chests and Bone Altars can be found, and a small cavern where the boss of the biome can be fought. When exploring the Briar, it will start raining constantly until the biome is exited; defeating Vinewrath Bane for the first time stops the rain, and the message "The torrential downpour in the Briar has lifted!" will appear in the chat. Water in the biome inflicts Poisoned unless the Vinewrath Bane has been defeated.

When exploring the Briar during the day, its own music track Seedless Garden will play. When exploring the Briar during the night, the track Briar Night, will play instead.



  • The Briar is the only surface biome in the game that is not affected by any other biome, meaning that it stops the spread of other biomes like The Corruption and cannot spread into other biomes.


  • 1.4.3:
    • Added Briar Underground track.
    • Introduced a new Hardmode enemy and a Pre-Hardmode replacement of the Feral Hunter.
  • Added a new nighttime track.
    • Added new daytime track.
    • Renamed from "The Reach" to "The Briar".
    • Overhauled biome generation.
    • Glade Wraith now spawns in this biome.
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