Briar Chest

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Briar Chest
  • Briar Chest item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions2 wide × 2 high
Use time10 Very Fast
RarityRarity Level: 0
Sell 1 Silver Coin.png
Research1 required

Briar Chest is a storage item found only in Briar Huts beneath the surface of The Briar.


Briar Chests will always contain one item from the Primary loot pool, but only has a 1/4 (25%) chance to contain an item from the Secondary loot pool. The other 8 slots are filled with a random amount of generic or Briar-related loot.

Primary items (only one)
Item Quantity Chance
Bramble Hook.pngBramble Hook 1 100%
Briarheart Boomerang.pngBriarheart Boomerang
Forsworn Pendant.pngForsworn Pendant
Leafstrike Staff.pngLeafstrike Staff
Secondary items
Item Quantity Chance
Glade Wreath.pngGlade Wreath 1 1/4 (25%)
Living Elderbark Wand.pngLiving Elderbark Wand
Thorny Rod.pngThorny Rod
Notes on the Briar.pngNotes on the Briar
Flora of the Briar.pngFlora of the Briar
Common Items
Item Quantity Chance
Copper Bar.pngCopper Bar 3-9 100%
Tin Bar.pngTin Bar
Iron Bar.pngIron Bar
Lead Bar.pngLead Bar
Wooden Arrow.pngWooden Arrow 20-49 100%
Swiftness Potion.pngSwiftness Potion
2-3 100%
Ironskin Potion.pngIronskin Potion
Shine Potion.pngShine Potion
Night Owl Potion.pngNight Owl Potion
Archery Potion.pngArchery Potion
Hunter Potion.pngHunter Potion
Recall Potion.pngRecall Potion 1–2 100%
Herb Bag.pngHerb Bag 1-3 100%
Bottle.pngBottle 1-3 100%
Bismite Crystal.pngBismite Crystal 2-5 100%
Old Leather.pngOld Leather
Silver Coin.pngSilver Coin 12–29 100%


  • Like most vanilla chests, it is possible for worlds to have multiples of the same item, or none at all.
  • The amount for each item category will be the same for all Briar Chests in the same world. This may be a bug.


  • 1.5: Can now contain the Thorny Rod.
  • 1.4.3:
    • Can now contain the Living Elderbark Wand.
    • Can no longer contain the Nature's Grasp or the Thornwild Staff.
  • Renamed from "Reach Chest" to "Briar Chest".
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