Beach Umbrella

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Beach Umbrella
  • Beach Umbrella item sprite
  • Beach Umbrella placed graphic
ConsumableTango Tick1.png
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions4 wide × 5 high
Use time15 Very Fast
Map color#9B9AAB ●
RarityRarity Level: 0
Buy / Sell20 Silver Coin / 4 Silver Coin
Research1 required

The Beach Umbrella is a furniture item that is sold by the Merchant for 20 Silver Coin while in the Ocean biome. It is purely only for decoration purposes and does not provide any functionally besides appearance.


  • 1.5: Introduced.
Tiles: Grimstone.png Blocks • Naturalist's Workshop.png Furniture • Duskwood Wall.png Walls