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The Ocean features 7 new Pre-Hardmode enemies and 6 critters and some new drops. Generation is different than in the base game, with the sea floor of both oceans extending out a ways, then steeply dropping, creating multiple tiered layers each filled with various underwater foliage and ambient objects.

Every night the Luminous Ocean weather condition has a chance of occurring and when it does the music track Avalanche Skating will play.

When using a Seabreak Pearl in the ocean, The Tide event will start.


CharactersUnique Drops


Bloatfish.png Bloatfish
Coconut Slime.png Coconut Slime
Electric Eel.png Electric Eel
Luminous Prowler.png Luminous Prowler
Reaver Shark (enemy).png Reaver Shark
Sawtooth Shark (enemy).png Sawtooth Shark
Swordfish (enemy).png Swordfish
Diver Zombie.png Diver Zombie
Kelp Zombie.png Kelp Zombie
Sailor Zombie.png Sailor Zombie
Trident Zombie.png Trident Zombie


Gilded Jelly.png Gilded Jelly
Palecrab.png Palecrab
Red Snapper (critter).png Red Snapper
Luminous Floater.png Luminous Floater
Ardorfish.png Ardorfish
Tubeworm.png Tubeworm
Gulper.png Gulper
Crinoid.png Crinoid
Grouper.png Grouper
Sea Mandrake.png Sea Mandrake

From most Ocean critters:

Raw Fish.png Raw Fish

From Bloatfish:

Sushi.png Sushi

From Bloatfish and Diver Zombie:

Ancient Diver's Helmet.png Ancient Diver's Helmet
Ancient Diver's Plate.png Ancient Diver's Plate
Ancient Diver's Pants.png Ancient Diver's Pants

From Sailor Zombie:

Captain's Cap.png Captain's Cap

From most Zombies:

Kelp.png Kelp

From Coconut Slime:

Hard Coconut.png Hard Coconut

From Electric Eel:

Eel Tail.png Eel Tail
Golden Caviar.png Golden Caviar

From Reaver Shark:

Reaver Shark.png Reaver Shark

From Sawtooth Shark:

Sawtooth Shark.png Sawtooth Shark

From Swordfish:

Swordfish.png Swordfish

From Luminous Floater and Sea Mandrake:

Luminance Seacone.png Luminance Seacone

From Luminous Floater, Bloatfish, Electric Eel, Shark:

Iridescent Scale.png Iridescent Scale

From Bloatfish:

Balloon Pufferfish.png Balloon Pufferfish

From Sea Snail:

Sea Snail Venom.png Sea Snail Venom

From Ardorfish:

Heart Scale.png Heart Scale


Music Box (Luminous Ocean).png Music Box (Luminous Ocean)

From Pirate Chests:

Lady Luck.png Lady Luck
First Mate.png First Mate

From terrain:

Kelp.png Kelp
Sunken Treasure.png Sunken Treasure
Packing Crate.png Packing Crate
Deep Cascade Shard.png Deep Cascade Shard
Sulfur Deposit.png Sulfur Deposit

From fishing:

Bass Slapper.png Bass Slapper

Floating Items

The Spirit Mod adds the unique feature where certain items can be found floating in the Ocean. Packing Crates are considered to be a critter, so they are not found on this list. The game tries to spawn one item every 58.3 seconds, but this can fail for a variety of reasons, so the average spawn rate will be closer to one item every 100 seconds. If it succeeds, then an item is created from the following table.

Item Weight Chance
Kelp.pngKelp 1.2 23.08%
Driftwood Block.pngDriftwood Block 1 19.23%
Large Driftwood.pngLarge Driftwood 1 19.23%
Medium Driftwood.pngMedium Driftwood 1 19.23%
Small Driftwood.pngSmall Driftwood 0.9 17.31%
Message in a Bottle.pngMessage in a Bottle 0.08 1.54%
Ambergris.pngAmbergris 0.01 0.19%
Fish Lure.pngFish Lure 0.008 0.15%
Sunken Treasure.pngSunken Treasure 0.001 0.02%


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