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The Floating Pagoda is a structure added by the Spirit Mod, which generates upon world creation in the Space layer. It appears above one of the Oceans, specifically the one opposite to the Asteroid Field.

The structure features four islands with Japanese-inspired structures on them. The central-most island features a tall pagoda with a red roof that has a Dynasty Chest at its top, containing the loot for the biome.

The first time the player visits, 3 Phantom Samurais and 8-10 Yuureis spawn, which must be defeated to safely loot the structure.


Floating Pagoda
CharactersUnique TreasuresUnique Drops
Yuurei.png Yuurei
Phantom Samurai.png Phantom Samurai

From Dynasty Chests:

Staff of the Jade Dragon.pngStaff of the Jade Dragon
Dynasty Fan.pngDynasty Fan
Bismite Crystal.pngBismite Crystal
Anime Sword.pngAnime Sword


Yuurei Banner.pngYuurei Banner
Phantom Samurai Banner.pngPhantom Samurai Banner

From Yuurei and Phantom Samurai:

Ramen.png Ramen
Sushi.png Sushi


  • One of the main reasons for a player to visit the Pagodas is completing the Sky High quest.
  • Much of the content in this structure is a reference to Starbound.


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