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The Spirit biome is a Hardmode surface biome. It is a normal sized surface biome, similar in a few ways to The Hallow, with a similar blue color and the fact they are both not created on world generation. Notable features of the biome include its glowing flora, an assortment of new enemies, and Duskwood trees. The Underground Spirit is generated directly under the surface of the Spirit Biome, in the Cavern layer which gets darker and scarier the deeper you go.

The Spirit Biome does not generate in new worlds and will only appear after a Mechanical Boss is defeated for the first time. The Spirit Biome cannot spread into any other biome, and cannot be spread into by any other biome, though it can overlap other biomes when it is generated. The biome can be spread throughout the world with Cyan Solution and can be turned back into a Forest biome with Green Solution, with the use of the Clentaminator.

If the Spirit Biome happens to generate on top of a Desert or a Snow biome, the blocks turn into Spirit Sand and Spirit Ice respectively, allowing some new enemies to spawn.

When exploring the Spirit biome, its own music track Enervating Atmosphere will play.



  • The Spirit Biome cannot spread into other biomes or be spread into much like The Briar, though it has a Desert and Snow variant, depending on where the biome generates.
  • The grass layer on Spirit Dirt glows during the night.


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