Marble Cave

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The Marble Caves feature 2 Pre-Hardmode enemies, 4 Hardmode enemies, 1 NPC, and various new drops.

Upon defeating the Eater of Worlds or the Brain of Cthulhu, Ancient Marble Chunks will generate in the Cave's terrain. Alongside this, the Beholder will now be able to spawn.

When exploring the Marble Caves, its own music track Regal Tunnel will play unless if turned off in the Music Config settings.


Marble Cave
CharactersUnique DropsMusic


Gladiator Spirit.pngGladiator Spirit

After Eater of Worlds or
Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated:



Lernean Hydra.pngLernean Hydra
Stymphalian Bat.pngStymphalian Bat

From Beholders and
Gladiator Spirits:

Ancient Marble Chunk.pngAncient Marble Chunk

From Beholder:

Eye of the Beholder.pngEye of the Beholder
Tofu Satay.pngTofu Satay

From Gladiator Spirit:

Gladiator Helmet.pngGladiator Helmet
Gladiator Breastplate.pngGladiator Breastplate
Gladiator Leggings.pngGladiator Leggings

From Arachmatons, Lernean Hydras,
Stymphalian Bats, and Trochmatons:

Golden Apple.pngGolden Apple

From Arachmatons and

Armor Polish.pngArmor Polish

From Lernean Hydras:

Acidic Hydra Mask.pngAcidic Hydra Mask
Fiery Hydra Mask.pngFiery Hydra Mask
Venomous Hydra Mask.pngVenomous Hydra Mask
Magma Stone.pngMagma Stone
Poison Staff.pngPoison Staff
Vial of Venom.pngVial of Venom

From Stymphalian Bats:

Adhesive Bandage.pngAdhesive Bandage

From terrain:

Ancient Marble Chunk.pngAncient Marble Chunk
Music Box (Marble Caverns).pngMusic Box (Marble Caverns)


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