Snow biome

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The Snow biome features 4 new Pre-Hardmode enemies, 1 Hardmode enemy, 2 critters and a few new drops.

When exploring the Snow biome during the night, its own music track Icy Stars will play unless if turned off in the Music Config settings.


Snow biome
CharactersUnique DropsMusic


Blizzard Bandit.pngBlizzard Bandit
Screech Owl.pngScreech Owl
Winterborn Herald.pngWinterborn Herald


Blizzard Nimbus.pngBlizzard Nimbus


Atlantic Cod (critter).pngAtlantic Cod
Frost Minnow (critter).pngFrost Minnow

From Blizzard Bandits:

Winter Hat.pngWinter Hat

From Winterborns and
Winterborn Heralds

Cryolite Ore.pngCryolite Ore
Winterborn Sculpture.pngWinterborn Sculpture
Hyperborean Relic.pngHyperborean Relic

From Winterborns:


From Winterborn Heralds:

Wintry Charm.pngWintry Charm

From Blizzard Nimbuses:

Frost Staff.pngFrost Staff
Ice Sickle.pngIce Sickle

From Atlantic Cod and
Frost Minnows:

Raw Fish.pngRaw Fish
Music Box (Snow Biome- Nighttime).pngMusic Box (Snow Biome- Nighttime)


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