Fathomless Shrine

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Fathomless Shrines are small subterranean structures generated at world creation, and within any biome in the cavern layer. They are always found in a circular chamber, suspended off the ground by Wooden Beams. The structure itself is constructed from Dynasty Wood, Blue Dynasty Shingles, Rich Mahogany Fences, Blackrocks, with two tree statues on the outer portion of the structure, and two caged lanterns hanging down on from either side of the fathomless vase housed within the structure. The vase is able to be interacted with, upon which the text "Good Luck", "Neutral Luck" or "Bad Luck" will appear near the player, along with several wisps of blue light that circle the player for a few seconds.

Depending on the type of luck that appeared, many different things can occur. The effects can range from:

  • Lava being released from the vase.
  • Skeletons being released from the vase.
  • Various items used in the crafting of the Cell Phone (Depth Meter, Compass).
  • Debuffs being put upon the player.
  • A flock of butterflies being released from the vase.
  • A small layer of Crimson or Corruption blocks of the respective biome.
  • A small amount of blackrock being given to the player.
  • A thin layer of a random pre-hardmode ore or gemstones in a similar pattern around the exterior of the chamber.
  • A random supply of buff potions being given to the player.


  • There does not seem to be a specific determining factor as to which type of luck will occur, nor the effects thereafter, so it is wise to have a Clentaminator handy if you are in Hardmode, where the corruption or crimson is faster to spread once introduced to the world.
  • This is an easy way to get enough materials to create an artificial crimson or corruption biome, as the number of blocks that are affected are enough to change the music and background of the area once they are spawned in.
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