Underground Briar

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The Underground Briar biome, as viewed on the map in a large world.
Fullscreen map and bestiary background.

Underground Briar is an underground biome that generates on world creation. It is located on the surface of The Briar which appears as an entrance leading down to a cave-like system that resembles a giant thorn with cracks and cervices. A few small house-like structures known as Briar Huts will have Briar Chests that contains Briar-themed loot, along with some pots and statues as well as Bone Altars which spawn Glade Wraiths upon destruction. The Adventurer can also be found tied up in one of the Briar Huts. Flower-shaped patches of Floran Ore will also generate within the terrain in small and large amounts. Elderbark Trees can also be found throughout the caves.

A round cave also generates on the bottom left or right sides of the Underground Briar, which houses a Blood Blossom in the middle of the cave. Right-clicking on the Blood Blossom will spawn the Vinewrath Bane boss.

When exploring the Underground Briar, the track Lurking Vines will play.


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