The Tide

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"The Tide has waned!"

The Tide is a Pre-Hardmode event which takes place in the Ocean. The Tide may begin once a player uses a Seabreak Pearl if the criteria stated below are met. This event introduces new enemies along with new drops. The event divides into 5 waves with each wave getting significantly difficult as you progress and with new enemies replacing previous ones in new waves.

During the event, its own music track Drowning Tides will play.


Tide Icon.png
Progress bar icon

The criteria needed to begin The Tide are as follows:

  • The player must be in the Ocean.
  • There must be no Tide event already in progress.

Not fulfilling these requirements will notify the player by displaying "The Tide only ebbs by the calm of the sea." in the chat.


The Tide
CharactersUnique DropsMusic
Bubble Brute.pngBubble Brute
Mang-O War.pngMang-O War
Kakamora Bruiser.pngKakamora Bruiser
Kakamora Windglider.pngKakamora Windglider
Kakamora Guard.pngKakamora Guard
Kakamora Lobber.pngKakamora Lobber
Kakamora Shaman.pngKakamora Shaman
Kakamora Shielder.pngKakamora Shielder



From any Kakamora enemy:

Coconut Gun.pngCoconut Gun
Tiki Javelin.pngTiki Javelin

From Crocosaur:

Bag O' Bait.pngBag O' Bait

From Mang-O War:

Mango Jelly Staff.pngMango Jelly Staff

From Bubble Brute:

Bubble Blaster.pngBubble Blaster

From Kakamora Shaman and
Mang-O War:


From Kakamora Shaman and
Bubble Brute:

Stream Scale.pngStream Scale

From R'lyehian:

Tome of R'lyeh.pngTome of R'lyeh
Brine Barrage.pngBrine Barrage
R'lyehian Mask.pngR'lyehian Mask
R'lyehian Trophy.pngR'lyehian Trophy
Eldritch Cloak.pngEldritch Cloak
R'lyehian Relic.pngR'lyehian Relic
Music Box (The Tide).pngMusic Box (The Tide)


Points per kill
Enemy Points
Bubble Brute ?
Crocosaur ?
Kakamora ?
Kakamora Bruiser ?
Kakamora Guard ?
Kakamora Lobber ?
Kakamora Shielder ?
Kakamora Shaman ?
Kakamora Windglider ?
Mang-O War ?
R'lyehian ?
Wave scores & enemies
Wave Points required Enemies
1 ? Kakamora, Kakamora Bruiser, Kakamora Guard, Kakamora Lobber, Kakamora Shielder and Kakamora Windglider
2 ? Kakamora, Kakamora Brusier, Kakamora Guard, Kakamora Lobber, Kakamora Rider, Kakamora Shaman, Kakamora Shielder and Kakamora Windglider
3 ? Kakamora Guard, Kakamora Lobber, Kakamora Rider, Kakamora Shaman, Kakamora Shielder, Kakamora Windglider, and Mang-O War
4 ? Bubble Brute, Kakamora Guard, Kakamora Rider, Kakamora Shaman, Kakamora Shielder and Mang-O War
5 ? R'lyehian


  • The event is completed when the player has defeated R'lyehian in the final wave, in which the status message, "The Tide has waned!" will appear and the event will end.


  • Tide enemies override the current biome's enemies in the same way as Meteor Heads.
  • The invasion will not prevent most other events, so it is possible to fight The Tide and a Boss at the same time. A Blood Moon or a Solar Eclipse may begin during The Tide, but their related enemies only spawn after The Tide has been defeated.
  • The Kakamora enemies heavily featured in the event are likely a reference to the characters of the same name in the 2016 Disney film Moana.


  • 1.4.2: Reworked event with a whole new wave system.
    • Added new Tide track.
    • Introduced new enemies, drops, and much more.
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