Blood Moon

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The Spirit Mod introduces 4 new enemies, 1 critter, alongside various new drops.

During a Blood Moon, the Occultist mini-boss can spawn very rarely.


Blood Moon
CharactersUnique Drops


Bottom Feeder.png Bottom Feeder
Flesh Hound.png Flesh Hound
Skeleton Brute.png Skeleton Brute
Undead Warlock.png Undead Warlock


Occultist.png Occultist


Dreamstride Wisp.png Dreamstride Wisp

From Dreamstride Wisp:

Dreamstride Essence.png Dreamstride Essence

From Bottom Feeder:

Belcher.png Belcher

From Undead Warlock:

Zombie Arm.png Zombie Arm

From Occultist:

Grasp.png Grasp
Sacrificial Dagger.png Sacrificial Dagger
Sanguine Ward.png Sanguine Ward


Random Events Blizzard • Blood Moon • Jelly Deluge • Mystic Moon • Solar Eclipse
Summonable Events Goblin Army • Frost Legion • Pirate Invasion • The Tide