Kakamora Shaman

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Kakamora Shaman
Kakamora Shaman.gif
EnvironmentThe Tide
Damage24 / 48 / 72
Max Life180 / 360 / 540
KB Resist10% / 19% / 28%
BannerKakamora Shaman Banner.pngKakamora Shaman Banner
Coins 4 Silver Coin.png
Pint-sized mystics that attack using the arcane arts. They double as healers for their nearby Kakamora companions.

Kakamora Shaman is an Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawns during The Tide. It walks towards the player to deal contact damage. It will also occasionally stop in place and spawn purple swirling projectiles that home on nearby Kakamora allies and heal them for 30 health (0 health if they are fully healed). If there are no Kakamora allies nearby, it will not spawn any projectiles.

Like most other Tide enemies, it is able to float and move around in liquids.


  • Despite it being able to heal other Kakamora enemies, it cannot heal itself.


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