Blazing Rattler

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Thrall's Gate.png This page describes old mod content that was removed or replaced. The information here does not apply to the current version of the Spirit Mod.
Blazing Rattler
Blazing Rattler.png
TypeUndead Enemy
Damage20 / 40
Max Life240 / 480
KB Resist50% / 55%
Immune toPoisoned.pngAcid Venom.pngOn Fire!.png
BannerBlazing Rattler Banner.pngBlazing Rattler Banner
Coins 8 Silver Coin.png

The Blazing Rattler was a Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawned within the Dungeon. It walked around and spewed ricocheting fireballs at the player. If one was alive, another would not spawn.


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