Stargazer Slime

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Stargazer SlimeHardmode exclusive
Stargazer Slime.gif
EnvironmentMystic Moon
Damage35 / 70 / 105 (Contact)
40 / 80 / 120 (Lunar Star)
Max Life300 / 600 / 900
KB Resist40% / 46% / 52%
Inflicts DebuffStar Flame.pngStar Flame
20% chance

Debuff duration3 seconds
Debuff tooltipAn astral force saps your vitality
Immune toPoisoned.pngStar Flame.png
BannerStargazer Slime Banner.pngStargazer Slime Banner
Coins 6 Silver Coin.png
Gelatinous nectar from the stars. Stargazer Slimes may be aggressive, but the oil they secrete makes for a delicious spread.
Projectile created
Lunar Star.png
Lunar Star

The Stargazer Slime is a Hardmode slime that spawns during the Mystic Moon event. Like other slimes, it bounces towards the player to deal contact damage. Upon contact, it has a chance to inflict the Star Flame debuff. Every time it lands from a third jump, it will emit star particles and spawn one to two lunar stars from the sky that function similarly to Fallen Stars. It will be unable to perform this attack if it lands on sloped tiles.

Like most other slimes, the Stargazer Slime will be passive towards any player with the Royal Gel accessory equipped. Note that the stars spawned by the Stargazer Slime will not be affected by this.


    • Renamed from "Lunar Slime" to "Stargazer Slime".
    • Resprited.
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