Star Flame

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Star Flame
Star Flame.png
Type Debuff
Effects Reduces life regeneration by 8
Tooltip 'An astral force saps your vitality'

Star Flame is a debuff which reduces the life regeneration of the afflicted entity by 8. It is commonly inflicted by some enemies from the Mystic Moon event, as well as several weapons that the player can wield.


From player

From Duration Chance
Glumshroom Staff.png Glumshroom Staff 3 seconds 33.33%
Mad Hat.png Mad Hat 3 seconds 20%
Nova's Spark.png Nova's Spark(Every 5th shot) 3 seconds 100%
Seraph's Light.png Seraph's Light(Torch) 3.33 seconds 25%
Seraph's Light(Embers) 3 seconds 20%
Seraph's Storm.png Seraph's Storm 3.33 seconds 25%
Seraph's Strike.png Seraph's Strike 3 seconds 33.33%

From enemy

From Duration Chance
Glitterfly.pngGlitterfly 3.33 seconds 20%
Mad Hatter.pngMad Hatter 3.33 seconds 20%
Stargazer Slime.pngStargazer Slime 3.33 seconds 20%

Immune NPCs


  • Unlike many other debuffs, enemies do not inflict double the duration in Expert Mode.


  • 1.4.3: Most Mystic Moon enemies are now immune to Star Flame.