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Spirit Mod 1.4.3 overhauled the Ocean biome and Quest system, added early-Hardmode content, added two Ambient Events, introduced many quality-of-life features, and fixed many bugs.

This update was unique in the fact that it was released in a soft-launch on the Discord server exclusively, due to the mod owner Yuyutsu being gone from the internet during the two months prior to its release.


Ocean Expansion

  • Added the Deep Ocean biome, a deeper segment of the normal Ocean biome
  • Added new Ocean generation

Quest System Overhaul

  • Added the new Quest Journal, a Quest menu
  • Quests can now be obtained by more NPCs than the Adventurer
  • Quests are now more dynamic, featuring branching paths and Quest categories

Early-Hardmode Content

Ashfall & Starfall Event

  • Ashfall is an ambient event that takes place in the Underworld.
  • Starfall is an ambient event involving falling stars. These differ based on where the player is.

Occultist Rework

  • The Occultist's visuals have been updated.
  • The Occultist also has new attacks instead of summoning enemies: A ground slam, homing projectiles, and white bolts.
  • A death animation was also added to the Mini-Boss.


  • Allows the player to sell items more easily.





World Generation

  • Overhauled Ocean Generation with Kelp, Coral, Glowing Plants, Beachgrass, and Sunken Treasure
  • Added a configurable option that allows the player to generate both the Arcane Tower and the Bandit Hideout in the same world (defaults to OFF)


  • Added music for Ashfall
  • Added music for Starfall
  • Added music for the Deep Ocean
  • Added music for Crimson Nighttime
  • Added another track for Hyperspace Day
  • Remastered three tracks:
    • Aurora Borealis
    • Regal Tunnel (Marble Cave)
    • Kempt Dunes (Desert Nighttime)


  • Added a set of Quests for the Dryad
  • Added introductory Quests to find Life Crystals, etc.
  • Added rescue Quests for the Stylist, Bandit, and Gambler
  • Added a new Quest involving the search for ice relics
  • Added new Designer Quests that ask the player to build new items/furniture
  • Added over a dozen new Quest items
  • Added a new Quest involving the Desert and mystical treasure
  • Added new Quests: Ancestral Worship, Fishy Business, Bare Necessities, Blast from the Past, 5 Sanctuary Quests for the Dryad, Lights in the Sky, Below the Waves, High Tide- Glow Tide, Heart to the Cause, Beneath the Ice, Jellyfish Hunter, Sinister Sands, Wrapped Up, No Laughing Matter, Unholy Undertaking, Forsaken Relics, 4 Stylist Quests, Broodmother, Once In A...
  • Added a new quest for the Hardmode Marble Biome
  • Added a Quest for the Aurora Stag


  • Added a visual beam of light effect to Mining Helmet
  • Added a tooltip message that displays if an item has autoswing or not
  • Added frost breath, a visual player effect, in the Snow biome.
  • Town NPCs now have a frost breath effect when in the Snow biome.
  • Added a new biome background for the Hyperspace Biome.
  • Added the new Infernon minimap sprite for the Infernus Skull.
  • Added some new Config options.
    • Added a config option for fishing encounters (Mimics, Bottom Feeders).
    • Added a config option to disable critters spawning from Hydrothermal Vents.
    • Added a config option for the amount of screenshake items and enemies have.
  • Added underwater ambience if the player is fully submerged underwater.
  • Added a sweat effect to players when they're in the Desert.
  • To prevent visual conflict with Terraria Overhaul, added a config to disable Leaf Fall for Briar and Calm Nights.
  • Added new ambient particles to The Underworld and Meteorite biomes.
  • Items now float in the Ocean.
  • Water in the Ocean is now clearer and brighter. This is a configurable option.
  • The Ocean floor now has a custom Kelp Forest background.
  • Added the Marble Boon System alongside a new currency.
  • The Manta Ray mount can now briefly jump out of water.
  • Added a natural wave/tide system for the Ocean.



Ancient Avian

  • Now immune to Poisoned, Venom, Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion, and Festering Wounds


  • Atlas and Cobbled Eyes are now immune to Venom, Poisoned, Confused, Festering Wounds, Blood Coruption, and Blood Infusion


  • Now despawns if too far away from a player and/or far outside of the world
  • Dusking and Antumbral Skulls are now immune to Shadowflame and Confused


  • Infernus Skulls follow the player less aggressively
  • Infernus Skull is now immune to On Fire and Cursed Inferno

Moon Jelly Wizard

  • Health increased from a base of 1,600 to 2,000
  • Now immune to Confused


  • Now immune to Confused

Starplate Voyager

  • Fixed boss glow being very offset
  • Now gives players normal gravity while fighting it in Space

Vinewrath Bane

  • Buffed Phase 1 health slightly
  • Buffed Phase 2 damage and health slightly
  • Phase 2 thorn attack now happens as soon as the phase starts instead of at half health


  • Beholder is now immune to Confused

Glade Wraith

  • Dashing AI edited


    • Reduced spawn rate by 27%
    • Now immune to Confused, Electrified, and On Fire!
    • Increased money dropped from 67 Silver Coin.png 60 Copper Coin.png to 1 Gold Coin.png 38 Silver Coin.png 58 Copper Coin.png

Snow Monger

  • Now immune to all debuffs


Calm Nights

  • Calm Nights cannot occur during blood moons, and reduce enemy spawns to 0 in forests

Jelly Deluge

  • Now affects the entire surface rather than just Space. It occurs less frequently as a result.
  • Increased the Tethervolt Jelly electric damage (10 -> 30)
  • Increased Moonlight Preserver's damage (10 -> 25)
  • Jellyfish Orbiter projectiles fire much faster in Expert and have a speed range for variety
  • Increased the Tiny Lunazoa's projectile damage (7 -> 15)

Mystic Moon

  • All Mystic Moon enemies are immune to Star Flame

Pirate Invasion


  • Skeleton Brute
    • Gated to post-boss, largely buffed it
    • Increased the amount of money dropped (4 silver -> 30 silver)
  • Wooden, Iron, and Golden crate mimics now drop their respective crates instead of crate loot
  • Hookbats no longer spawn in swarms
  • Tweaked and improved Dungeon Cube AI
  • Multiple Arterial Graspers can spawn at once
  • Deadeye Marksman spawn less in Hardmode
  • Overhauled Glow Toad behavior
  • Antlion Assassin now no longer releases multiple dust clouds every time it's hit
  • Cavern Crawler and Wheezer spawn less frequently in Hardmode
  • Improved Blizzard Bandit hit sounds
  • Meteor Heads no longer kill critters in the Asteroid biome
  • Wandering Soul
    • Drastically reduced Wandering Soul spawns
    • Nerfed Health and KB resist
  • Greatly improved Spellsword's Crest AI
  • Increased Goblin Grenadier spawnrates
  • Buffed Hemophora HP
  • Made Chest Zombies drop chest loot 100% of the time
  • Luminous Floaters now drop Raw Fish 100% of the time
  • Implemented a cap for the number of Crimson Pustules that can spawn
  • Made all pre-HM Spirit Dungeon Enemies spawn less frequently post Plantera
  • Made the Phantom Samurai dash slightly longer
  • Made Yuureis teleport farther away from the player
  • Bloatfish
    • Now rarely drops Balloon Pufferfish
    • Now drops Iridescent shards
  • Luminous Prowler now drops Iridescent shards
  • Mechromancer Coil Rockets now home in on the player more slowly
  • Immunities
    • Alien is now immune to Poisoned, Venom
    • Ancient Apostle is now immune to Poisoned, Festering Wounds, Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion, and Confused
    • Arterial Grasper is now immune to Confused
    • Astral Adventurer is immune to On Fire
    • Astral Amalgam is immune to Poisoned, Festering Wounds, and Confused
    • Blizzard Bandit is immune to Frostburn, Cryo Crush, and Chilly Grasp
    • Blizzard Nimbus is immune to Frostburn, Cryo Crush, Confused, and Chilly Grasp
    • Bloater is now immune to Poisoned, Confused
    • Bloatfish is now immune to Confused
    • Glow Toad and Glitterfly are now immune to Confused
    • Bottom Feeder is now immune to Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion
    • Crackling Core is now immune to Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion, Festering Wounds, Poisoned, and Confused
    • Draugr is now immune to Poisoned, On Fire, and Festering Wounds
    • Electric Eel is now immune to Electrified
    • Explosive Barrel is now immune to all debuffs
    • Falling Asteroid is now immune to On Fire, Poisoned, and Confused
    • Flesh Hound is now immune to Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion
    • Gladiator Spirit is now immune to Poisoned, Venom, and Confused
    • Gloop is now immune to Poisoned, Confused
    • Haunted Tome is now immune to Poisoned, Confused, On Fire, lava, Blood Corruption, and Blood Infusion
    • Hemophora is now immune to Poisoned
    • Gluttonous Devourer is now immune to On Fire, Confused
    • Lost Mime is now immune to Confused
    • Masticator is now immune to Confused
    • Molten Core is now immune to On Fire and Confused
    • Orbitite is now immune to On Fire and Confused
    • Phantom Samurai is now immune to all debuffs
    • Screech Owl is now immune to Frostburn and Confused
    • Shockhopper is now immune to Festering Wounds, Poisoned, Electrified, and Confused
    • Wandering Soul is now immune to all debuffs
    • Wheezer is now immune to Poisoned
    • Yuurei are now immune to all debuffs
  • Added gores and new special effects for the Gambler when she dies
  • Sea Mandrake has been reworked with passive AI
  • Numerous critters can now be damaged/killed by enemies
  • Hookbats now only dash toward the player if they are near the player
  • Blizzard Nimbus moved to Blizzards from Space, now drops Ice Sickle and Frost Staff
  • Cavern Bandits now drops hooks
  • Cystals now only spawn post boss
  • Buffed Arterial Grasper health and spawnrate slightly
  • Buffed Stactus health
  • Modified spawn rates for crate mimics, more common when using a crate potion
  • The painter now sells mysterious satchels


  • Nerfed Coil Pistol
  • Increased Coil Bullet hitbox size
  • Buffed Staff of Ornaments
  • Livewire
    • Changed to a 1.4-style flail
    • It can now be wound up before being stuck to an enemy
    • Time it can be stuck on to an enemy was increased to 10 seconds
  • Starblade's homing wisp now has a greater homing range
  • Lunazoa Staff
    • Lunazoa Orbiters now spawn little jellies faster and launch them at a higher velocity
    • Fixed a bug which prevented orbiters from properly targeting enemies
  • Fixed a bug with Bismite Crystal Staff which prevented its minions from properly targeting enemies
  • Magnet Hook now has a brief waiting period before homing onto a tile
  • Sanguine Scutum damage reduction per enemy buffed from 3% -> 5%, maximum reduction buffed from 15% -> 25%
  • General fixes and improvements to Bloodthorn Blade
  • Floran Bludgeon can now be crafted with an Anvil
  • Adjusted the Bleeding Heart/Heartillery minion to be more accurate
  • Made Sorcerer's Wand projectiles move faster
  • Sacrificial Dagger and Shadowbreak Wand have new effects
  • Buffed the Bow of Ornaments
  • Capped to the number of skulls the Tome of Forbidden Knowledge can spawn at 8
  • Buffed Screaming Tome
  • Nerfed Eyeshot
  • Renamed Unfeller of Evergreens to 'Evergreen'
  • Frost Glyph should no longer spawn >5 icicles in multiplayer
  • Slightly buffed Cryolite Pickaxe
  • Bramble Hook can now be recast while anchored to a tile
  • Starflux now has a better spread that isn't as imbalanced
  • Shadowbreak Wand tooltip updated
  • Stone armor rarity reduced to White, reduced defense by 1, made the set bonus Knockback immunity instead of the fall speed increase
  • Greatly buffed Omniwrench Pick Speed
  • Moon Jelly total health restored increased from 120 to 150, and now lists potion sickness as a debuff
  • Moon Jelly Donut total health restored increased from 270 to 337.5
  • True Hallowed Staff projectiles now go through walls, last for less time and penetrate fewer enemies to balance it out
  • Slightly buffed Cryolite melee damage (10 -> 12)
  • Buffed Wayfarer armor defense by 2 overall, increased movement speed buff to 12% overall
  • Renamed True Crimbine to True Harvester
  • Flarespark Staff now knocks enemies back less, allowing for more hits
  • Spore Wheezer spores can now be destroyed by projectiles
  • Reworked the Pigron Staff and Pigron minion
  • Buffed and resprited Staff of the Jade Dragon, now does Magic damage
  • Reworked Accursed Blade
  • Renamed all Duskwood items to be consistent
  • Duskwood walls now craftable back into Duskwood
  • Renamed Discharge Tubules to Discharge Tubule
  • Edited Tech Drive tooltip
  • Reworked Ethereal Butterfly Staff
  • Smoothed out Corpsebloom behavior
  • Made Brilliant Harvester play a small chime when harvesting extra gems and ore
  • Arcane Codex- Repulsion Zone is now no longer unusable when a field is active, instead has a small delay before you can cast again
  • Club Sandwich now only grants well fed for 4 seconds
  • Made Enchanted Leaf Glow effect also appear in the inventory
  • Standardized the rarity of Arcane Codex, Brilliant Harvester, Rot Scourge, Cascade Items
  • Improvements made to Slag Breaker
  • Greatly improved Sanguine Ward effect and visuals
  • Reworked Winter's Wake, which now converts rockets into a unique flake rocket
  • Renamed Sandglobe to Sands of Time,
  • Reworked Brine Barrage
  • Added a new recipe for Corrosive Acid
  • Feather Crown is now usable on the surface as well instead of only space
  • Locust Crook projectiles now don't immediately collide with tiles and die
  • Spirit Ore and Spirit Bar sell prices increased to 25 silver and 2 gold per item respectively
  • Added 17 of Spirit's vanity sets as rare Gambler Chest rewards
  • Nerfed the Adorned Bow max damage and charge rate slightly
  • Moved regular Sushi to be a kelp + raw fish craft
  • Made clubs draw in front of the player, instead of behind them
  • Duskwood now counts as wood for all wood-related recipes
  • Frigid items
    • Reduced Frigid Faceplate Frigid Fragment cost (12 -> 8)
    • Reduced Frigid Plate cost from 14 Frigid Fragment to 9
    • Reduced Frigid Greaves cost from 10 Frigid Fragment to 6
      • Armor set now costs 23 instead of 36 fragments total
    • Reduced Frigid Spine cost from 10 Frigid Fragment > 9
    • Reduced Frigid Scepter and Frigid Javelin cost from 12 Frigid Fragment to 9
    • Frigid Fragments now craft Frostburn Arrows
  • Reduced Tiny Lunazoa max bait power to 45% instead of 75%
  • Nerfed the Photosynthestrike
  • Improved Astral Map functionality
  • Increased The Blasphemer, Floran Bludgeon, Macuahuitl, and Unstable Adze base damage and max damage slightly
  • Macuahuitl now provides more armor penetration (buffed from 1/3 damage value to 1/2)
  • Granite Set Bonus cooldown reduced to 4 seconds, knockback of stomp increased
  • Gilded Set Bonus cooldown reduced to 5 seconds
  • Gilded Helmet now offers 3% movement speed
  • Starblade now launches projectiles every 3 swings, projectile damage has been halved
  • Jellynaut's Bubble defense increased to 2, critical strike chance increased to 10%
  • Added useTurn on all clubs
  • Made Stone Fist unconsumable
  • Increased Bloodcourt armor defense to 11, increased Dark Anima damage to 70
  • Nerfed Sanguine Glyph healing output
  • Assassin's Magazine now works while in the inventory
  • Added Donator Vanity for Spirit Mod Patrons this update: LightNovas, Meteor, Waasephi, and PixelatedFireball
  • Glyphs now play a tune when equipped
  • Significantly improved Jinxbow ammo selection, now can use any arrow from any mod
  • Magnet Hook no longer homes towards actuated blocks
  • Reworked Bubble Blaster
  • Reworked Blizzard's Edge
  • Made the Shadowflame Sword's use sound not awful
  • Raised Rabbit's Foot drop rate (from Bunnies) (1/150 -> 1/120)
  • Raised Sweet Throw's drop rate (from Queen Bee) ""1/20(10)" -> "1/14(10)"
  • Buffed the Quackling Staff's fire rate and fire speed
  • Coiled Blade now has useTurn
  • Royal Khopesh now can be switched out easily
  • Rebalanced the synergy between the Golden Apple, Gilded Shield and Medusa Shield:
    • Given the following formula:
    • (maxLife - life) / maxLife * multiplier
    • Each accessory has a different base multiplier, which are as follows:
      • Golden Apple: 15
      • Golden Shield: 20
      • Medusa Shield: 25
  • Packing Crates are now also destructible by striking them, breaking them provides loot
  • Removed Space Junk debuffs, instead made it inflict Bleeding for 5 seconds when you walk on it
  • Made Briar Vines sway
  • Made Briar Grass occasionally drop Briar Grass Seeds
  • Old Telescope now displays the moon phase when right clicked
  • Briar Grass now spreads to dirt properly
  • Asteroid Blocks are no longer usable by the Extractinator
  • Durasilk Sheafs can now be placed as wall decor
  • Biome Maps can now be placed as wall decor
  • Naturally generating snow bushes may now drop Ice Berries
  • Naturally generating ice crystals in the Snow biome may now drop Frigid Fragments
  • Fathomless Shrine Butterfly Spawning outcome may now also spawn Golden Butterflies
  • Sepulchre Chests now say "Cursed!" instead of "Trapped!" when cursed
  • Jellyfish Staff no longer has a Starfish in its crafting recipe

World Generation

  • Changed Dark Sepulchre worldgen progress message
  • Added slopes to the Asteroid Field
  • Modified Fathomless Shrines to have a tile blacklist, as to not spawn over other modded content, and modified generation in order to make it look more natural
  • Modified Dark Sepulchres to also have the blacklist
  • Blood Blossom now floats in the air, no longer fails to anchor in world generation.


  • Desert Nighttime music no longer overrides Eerie (Blood Moon music)
  • Fixed an issue where Spirit biome music overlapped the Dungeon


  • Slayer Quests now greatly increase spawn chances for contracted enemies
  • Quests now have an interactive HUD
  • Quests now have a Custom Book Interface
  • Quests can now be assigned by any NPC or item
  • The Hornetfish Quest now has branching paths
  • The Hookbat Quest has now been expanded
  • Quests have been split into categories: Main, Forager, Slayer, Builder, Other
  • Added Slayer quest Lifeform Analyzer functionality


  • Briar Ambience
    • Briar is no longer as dark during nighttime and underground
    • Reduced rain intensity in the Briar greatly
    • Removed the 20% fishing skill bonus that comes from Briar perma-rain. Normal rain in the Briar still grants the bonus
    • Reduced how much dust Briar Vines give off
  • Wayfinder's Pins now display on the minimap
  • Arcane Codex Zones
    • Added Buff Icons to show how much time is left
    • Buffed radius
    • Buff time increased to 5 seconds from 2.5
  • Edited water physics slightly to make ripples larger and more splash-y
  • The Adventurer now sells any unique Quest Reward after quest completion in order to have rewards be repeatable.
  • Config
    • Updated Spirit Config and Music Config to be more organized
    • Added little config icons for each config option
  • Reduced Hyperspace particle spawn chance and opacity

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed Occultist not spawning if the EoW/BoC/Skeletron was the first boss you defeated
  • Fixed the afterimage of Snow Monger being off-center and in front of the sprite
  • Fixed Starplate Voyager displaying its death message twice
  • Greatly improved Moon Jelly Wizard performance in multiplayer


  • Fixed Tide enemies not spawning in multiplayer


  • Scarab Pillbug mount now properly displays player position on the minimap
  • Fixed Crystal Drifter, Deadeye Marksman, Screech Owl, and Blizzard Bandit spawning near Town NPC "safe zones."
  • Fixed Ebonkoi critters not being spawned when the item was consumed.'
  • Less visual bugs relating to Arterial Graspers
  • General fixes for the Valkyrie and Cavern Bandit
  • Fixed Hail and Gale Snails occasionally flipping sprite directions and moving in the wrong way
  • Fixed an issue where Moonlight Preservers fired too many Tiny Lunazoas in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where Kakamora Windglider spritesheets clipped
  • Multiplayer improvements for Ancient Apostle, Antlion Assassin, Arterial Grasper, Astral Adventurer, Astral Amalgam, Beholder, Blazing Rattler, Blizzard Bandit, and Bloatfish



World Generation

  • Fixed Nest Islands spawning inside other structures


  • Fixed a major multiplayer bug where large amounts of unnecessary data was being transmitted, leading to multiplayer Spirit slowly 'degrading' over time and improving multiplayer performance overall
  • Arcane Codex Zones
    • Fixed all Arcane Zones not being cancellable
    • Fixed all Arcane Zones being right-click usable for no reason
    • Fixed Arcane Zone buffs not working as a means to disable zones.
    • Fixed Stamina Zone not applying buff
  • Fixed all projectiles that have an internal knockBack value between 0.2 and 0.5 having infinite pierce and no i-frames
  • Fixed bug where fishing up enemies would also make you fish up random items






  • Improved all Arcane Codex Zone buffs visually
  • Resprited Overdrive buff
  • Implemented a community resprite for Snow Monger's Boss Icon (Swamon) and Glyph Buffs (Saxolotl)


  • Removed Acid Crawler, Antlion Rider, Bramble Burrower, Diseased Bat, Droseran Trapper, Feral Spiritualist, Gremlin, Martian Scientist, Observer, and Spitfly.
  • Removed Aeon Ripper, Alpha Blade, Ancient Guidance, Apocalypse, Arc-en-Ciel, Artifact weapons, Blade of Noah, Blighted Bow, Blood Boil, Brainslug Blaster, Chlorophyte Staff, Combat Shotgun, Core Controller, Crazed Contraption, Dungeon Soul Staff, Duskwood Bow, Duskwood Sword, Earthshaker, Elendskraft, Ember Blade, Entbehrung, Famine Scepter, Festering Grimoire, Fury of the Underworld, Gore Impaler, Gore Longbow, Gore Staff, Goreligator, Heavy Pulse Rifle, Hellfire Shotgun, Hex Bow, Hydroflare, Ichor Clot, Ichor Scimitar, Light's End, Marrowrend, Mnemonic's Misfire, Necropolis Staff, Neutron Star Staff, Nosferatu, Overgrowth Staff, Pestilent Pike, Pestilent Sword, Plague Skulls, Princess' Scythe, Punnapha's Essence, Reapers Harvest, Rotting Rifle, Runic Sword, Schattenstolz, Sinister Blades, Skullfire Staff, Sky Strike, Soul Siphon, Soul Stinger, Spaz Lung, Spectral Supernova, Spineshot, Spirit Sickle, Tattered Shotbow, Terror Bark, The Crumbler, Thornwild Staff, Toxic Bottle, Turtle Staff, Venom Blade, Witherbark Staff, Withermaw, Zanbat Swords and Zeus's Lightning.
  • Removed Blighted Battleaxe, Duskwood Hammer, Gore Hamaxe, Gore Pickaxe, Pestilent Pummeler, Putrid Pick, Possessed Battleaxe, Runic Drill, Runic Hamaxe, Runic Pickaxe and The Tesseract.
  • Removed Rail-gun temporarily for later reimplementation.
  • Removed Duskwood armor, Gore armor, Pestilent armor, Reaper's armor, and Wither armor.
  • Removed Gore Magala set and Reaper's Mask.
  • Removed Bloodstone, Cloak of Spirit, Cloak of the Vampire, Crystal Distorter, Eura's Will, Firewall, Frigid Wind, Gauntlet of the Moon, Guardian's Arm, Guardian's Cloak, Nora's Mark, Pathogen Ward, Prismatic Lens, Silva's Soul, Sona's Determination, and Tyrina's Fury.
  • Removed Electrified Bullet, Flake Rocket and Magic Bullet.
  • Removed Flesh Clump, Ghoul Fire, Gore Magala Scale, Putrid Piece, Wither Tablet and Worn Adventurer's Sword.
  • Removed Thrall's Gate.
  • Removed Oaza and Sacred Vine.
  • Removed Fathomless Shrines Neutral Outcomes.
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