Astral Map

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Expert Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Expert Mode and Expert Mode worlds.
Astral Map
  • Astral Map item sprite
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Use time12 Very Fast
TooltipTeleports you to the cursor location
10 second cooldown
RarityRarity Level: rainbow
SellNo value
Research1 required
Dropped by
Treasure Bag (Starplate Voyager).pngTreasure Bag(Starplate Voyager)1100%

The Astral Map is an Pre-Hardmode tool. When used, it channels a Star Bolt on the cursor's position which teleports the player instantly to that landing spot. After being used, it will have a 10 second cooldown before it can be used again. It is obtained from the Treasure Bag of the Starplate Voyager in Expert Mode only.


  • 1.4.3:
    • Resprited.
    • Improved functionally.
    • Changed from an accessory to a tool.
    • Now the Expert Mode drop from the Starplate Voyager.
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