Luminous Prowler

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Luminous Prowler
Luminous Prowler.png
Damage30 / 60 / 90
Max Life40 / 80 / 120
KB Resist90% / 91% / 92%
Immune toConfused.png
Coins 2 Silver Coin.png
Despite its size, this sea dweller packs a punch! It uses its sharp teeth-like spikes to hunt for fish and keep away intruders.

The Luminous Prowler is a Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawns in the Ocean biome. If the player is in the water, it swims towards them and attempts to deal contact damage by attacking them with its horn. If it cannot reach the player for a certain amount of time, it will swim through tiles to chase after them. It also emits a small amount of light, making it easy to spot in the relatively dark ocean.


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