Granite Slime

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Granite Slime
Granite Slime.gif
EnvironmentGranite Cave
Damage19 / 38 / 57
Max Life85 / 170 / 255
KB Resist25% / 32.5% / 40%
Grants BuffShine.pngShine
Buff duration3 seconds (Spark Explosion)
Buff tooltipEmitting light
Inflicts DebuffConfused.pngConfused
100% chance

Debuff duration3 seconds (Spark Explosion)
Debuff tooltipMovement is reversed
Immune toPoisoned.pngConfused.png
BannerGranite Slime Banner.pngGranite Slime Banner
Coins 2 Silver Coin.png
A gelatinous creature that's roamed the Granite caves for a long while, accumulating enough pebbles and dust to become one with the stone.

The Granite Slime is a Pre-Hardmode slime that spawns in the Granite Caves after Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated. Like a typical slime, it hops towards its target to deal contact damage. When it lands from a jump, it creates a small spark explosion that inflicts nearby players with the Shine buff and the Confused debuff for 3 seconds. It also has a chance to release 1-2 energy sparks that are affected by gravity. Upon death, it has a chance to spawn a Crackling Core.


    • Life increased from 75 to 85.
    • Resprited and reworked AI.
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