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Glyphs are special consumable items that can be applied to other items, like tools or weapons, which in return grants them special effects. The effects granted vary depending on the glyph applied and may not only affect the item itself but also the player holding the item. All glyphs except the Null and Chaos Glyphs, can only be bought from the Enchanter using Blank Glyphs, which rarely drop from any enemy, and always drop when a boss is defeated for the first time. Glyphs can also be sold back for Blank Glyphs.

Weapons enchanted with any glyph will have its effect displayed as prefix text in its name similarly to modifiers, however the weapon cannot be reforged while the glyph is applied.


The player can apply a glyph by right-clicking with the glyph on the item to enchant it and the effect can be removed via Null Glyphs.


Glyph Effect Name Notes Obtainable Cost
Null Glyph.pngNull Glyph n/a Can be used to permanently remove the glyph's effect. Any time. 5 Gold Coin
Frost Glyph.pngFrost Glyph Freezing Weapon attacks have a small chance to freeze enemies for a short time. Any time. 1 Blank Glyph
Rage Glyph.pngRage Glyph Frenzied Causes weapon attacks to store excess damage for the next attack upon killing enemies.
The damage done depends on how much excess damage was stored for that attack.
Any time. 1 Blank Glyph
Chaos Glyph.pngChaos Glyph Unstable Causes the weapon to periodically switch between random glyph effects. When shimmering most glyphs. 1 Blank Glyph
Radiant Glyph.pngRadiant Glyph Radiant Weapons build up radiant energy when not attacking enemies.
Empowers the next attack to deal 250% increased damage.
After the Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated. 1 Blank Glyph
Sanguine Glyph.pngSanguine Glyph Leeching Damaging enemies grants the player the Sanguine Regeneration buff.
Reduces the weapon's damage by 10%.
During the Blood Moon event or
anytime in Hardmode.
1 Blank Glyph
Zephyr Glyph.pngZephyr Glyph Billowed Weapon attacks have a small chance to release a damaging gust of wind.
Causes weapon attacks to travel at increased velocity.
After Vinewrath Bane has been defeated. 2 Blank Glyph
Unholy Glyph.pngUnholy Glyph Cursed Enemies erupt into cursed phantoms upon being killed which explode after a short time. After Eater of Worlds or
Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated.
2 Blank Glyph
Bee Glyph.pngBee Glyph Honeyed Weapon attacks grant the player the Honey buff upon killing enemies.
Weapon attacks periodically release bees to attack nearby enemies.
After Queen Bee has been defeated. 3 Blank Glyph
Veil Glyph.pngVeil Glyph Guarding Damaging enemies builds up a defensive phase shield around the player.
The shield reduces the amount of damage the player takes.
The damage taken depends on how much damage the player does to enemies.
After Skeletron has been defeated. 3 Blank Glyph
Blaze Glyph.pngBlaze Glyph Blazing Increases the weapon's damage by 25% and critical strike chance by 10%.
Damaging enemies inflicts the player with the Burning Rage debuff.
After the Wall of Flesh has been defeated. 4 Blank Glyph
Phase Glyph.pngPhase Glyph Temporal Makes the weapon's damage affected by the player's movement speed.
Increases damage if the player moves faster or decreases if they move slower.
After the Wall of Flesh has been defeated. 4 Blank Glyph
Void Glyph.pngVoid Glyph Null Weapon attacks have a small chance to cause void collapse.
Damaging enemies builds up void collapse, before causing a damaging flash afterwards.
After any Mechanical Boss has been defeated. 4 Blank Glyph


  • Glyphs can only be applied on a weapon or tool if it has a stack value of 1.
  • If a glyph is applied on a weapon with any active modifier obtained through reforging, it will remove that modifier and replaced it with glyph's prefix text instead.
  • Items that had a glyph applied to them will show a small icon on the bottom right that depicts the glyph type.


  • 1.5:
    • Added Chaos and Rage Glyphs.
    • Resprited all glyphs and reworked most of them.
    • They can now be applied by right-clicking on the item.
    • They now show their effects as custom prefix text.
    • They can now be sold back for Blank Glyphs.
    • Their effects can no longer be activated by passive or low-value NPCs.
    • Removed Efficiency Glyph.
  • 1.4.3: All glyphs now play a tune when equipped.
  • Overhauled how glyphs work:
    • Boosts to item stats given by glyphs are now displayed just like the boosts from reforges.
    • Items which had glyphs applied to them will now show a small icon depicting the glyph type, both when in the inventory, and when laying in the world.
    • Reworked most existing glyphs effects.
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