Ice Berry

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Ice Berry
  • Ice Berry item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
ConsumableTango Tick1.png
Use time20 Very Fast
TooltipGrants immunity to being on fire
Perhaps some mystical creature would like this?
Grants BuffIce Berries.pngIce Berries
Buff duration6 minutes
Buff tooltipYou are immune to being on fire
Grants BuffWell Fed.pngWell Fed
Buff duration5 minutes
Buff tooltipMinor improvements to all stats
RarityRarity Level: 1
Sell50 Copper Coin
Research5 required
Dropped by
Boreal Tree15%

The Ice Berry is a food item that has a 5% (1/20) chance to be obtained by chopping down trees in the Snow biome or given by the Adventurer after completing the Lights in the Sky explorer quest.

When consumed, it grants the player the Well Fed buff for 5 minutes and the Ice Berries buff for 6 minutes, which provides immunity to the On Fire! debuff. Ice Berries can also be given to a Aurora Stag, doing so will cause it to vanish and the Aurora Saddle will drop in return.


  • Now has a 1/20 chance to drop from Boreal Trees instead of a 1/100 (1/25 * 1/5) chance.
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