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Candies are consumable items obtained from Goodie Bags and by talking to NPCs during the Halloween event.

Each candy provides the player with a buff that gives some sort of minor increase, depending on the type of candy.

Potion Tooltip Duration Icon
Candy.png Candy Increases all stats slightly 4 minutes
Sugar Rush (Spirit).png
Chocolate Bar.png Chocolate Bar Increases speed 4 minutes
Chocolate (buff).png
Golden Candy.png Golden Candy Can't be eaten, but may sell for a lot!
Increases life regeneration
5 minutes
Well Fed.png
Health Candy.png Health Candy Increases Health 4 minutes
Healing Candy.png
Lollipop.png Lollipop Increases life regeneration 4 minutes
Lollipop (buff).png
Mana Candy.png Mana Candy Increases mana 4 minutes
Mana Candy (buff).png
Taffy.png Taffy Increases defense 4 minutes
Taffy (buff).png

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