Stone Fist

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Stone FistHardmode exclusive
  • Stone Fist item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
TypeBoss summon
Use time20 Very Fast
TooltipUse anywhere to summon Atlas
RarityRarity Level: 9
SellNo value
Research1 required

The Stone Fist is a Hardmode boss summoning item that summons Atlas anywhere at any time. It is not consumed upon use and can be used many times as the player desires.



Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Stone Fist.png Lihzahrd Power Cell.pngLihzahrd Power Cell By Hand
Martian Conduit Plating.pngMartian Conduit Plating (20)
Stone Block.pngStone Block (100)
Bone.pngBone (10)


  • Now only stacks at 1 and requires 1 to research.
  • 1.4.3: Made non-consumable.
Consumables: Jump Potion.png Potions (Runescribe Potion.png Buff Potions) • Spectre Bullet.png Ammunition • Astralite Shard.png Materials ( Elderbark.png Drops • Spirit Ore.png Ores and Spirit Bar.png Bars) • Is Lava Hot?.png Lore • Feather Crown.png Other