I'm Really Mad

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I'm Really Mad
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TooltipBy Polius Crassus
Research1 required

I'm Really Mad is a Book detailing the writer's frustration towards their editor


"I'm furious. This was supposed to be my masterpiece! I really put my heart and soul into this manuscript, and it got shot down instantly. It was supposed to be a gritty drama about a hero who transforms into a villain. Here's my favorite part: Yeremy, the Rainforest Dictator
And so, after witnessing his sixth home village be destroyed by evil necromancers, Yeremy decided that enough was enough. He was really mad this time. He was going to exact vengeance on all living things... And he'd start by summoning his accursed demon avatar, a hydra straight from the underworld. The only thoughts that ran through his mind were 'kill, kill, kill...' But NOOOOO. My editor says it was 'too asinine' and 'so hyperbolic that I stopped at page three.' Well, his loss! I'm sure I'll find someone that'll like this manuscript."


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