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Bullets are a form of ammunition fired from guns. The Spirit Mod currently adds three bullet types.


Name Damage Velocity Velocity Multiplier Knockback Rarity HM Sell
Ripper Slug.png Ripper Slug 8 3 1 1.5
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 1 Tango Cross1.png 8 Copper Coin.png
Rubber Bullet.png Rubber Bullet 1 11 1 4.5
Rarity Level: 1 Tango Cross1.png 3 Copper Coin
Spectre Bullet.png Spectre Bullet 10 9 1 1.5
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 9 Tango Tick1.png 2 Silver Coin
Consumables: Jump Potion.png Potions (Runescribe Potion.png Buff Potions) • Spectre Bullet.png Ammunition • Astralite Shard.png Materials ( Elderbark.png Drops • Spirit Ore.png Ores and Spirit Bar.png Bars) • Is Lava Hot?.png Lore • Feather Crown.png Other