Where Do Slimes Come From?

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Where Do Slimes Come From?
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Use time20 Very Fast
Tooltipby Sorcerer Galen Arcturus
RarityRarity Level: 2
Research1 required

Where Do Slimes Come From? is a Journal detailing a sorcerer's investigations on the origins of slimes.


Where Do Slimes Come From?

 by Sorcerer Galen Arcturus

They come from goo.
That's about it. At least, that's where conventional research ends. But as an accomplished mage, I must delve deeper!
First, it is important to take stock of what we know. Slimes are, scientifically speaking, big blobs of goo. They are highly flammable, possess no internal organs, and yet seem quite intelligent.
Their composition matches no other material my fellow mages and I have ever seen. Where then, do they come from? Could a rival mage be summoning them? And to what devious end?! Are they a punishment from the gods themselves? Are we forever trapped in this bouncy, slimy purgatory?
And most importantly- are they edible? We must keep searching for answers.

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