Platinum Strongbox

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Platinum Strongbox
  • Platinum Strongbox item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeGrab bag
TooltipRight click to open
'May contain a fortune'
RarityRarity Level: 4
Buy / Sell 50 Gold Coin.png /  10 Gold Coin.png
Research1 required

The Platinum Strongbox is a Pre-Hardmode grab bag sold by the Gambler. It always contains money, and can also contain various vanity items, novelty items, or items that have useful functions.


Coins (30x)
Item Chance
Copper Coin.pngCopper Coin 21.4%
Silver Coin.pngSilver Coin 36.6%
Gold Coin.pngGold Coin 41.1%
Platinum Coin.pngPlatinum Coin 0.9%
Item Quantity Chance
Golden Caviar.pngGolden Caviar 1 15%
Funny Firework.pngFunny Firework 5-8 10%
Champagne.pngChampagne 1-2 10%
Mystical Dice.pngMystical Dice 1 6%
Jem.pngJem 1 2%
Angel Statue.pngAngel Statue 1 1%
Gilded Mustache.pngGilded Mustache 1 8%
Gilded Cane.pngGilded Cane
Waasephi's Hat.pngWaasephi's Hat 1 6.67%
Meteor's Mask.pngMeteor's Mask
LightNovas's Mask.pngLightNovas's Mask
Pixelated Fireball's Mask.pngPixelated Fireball's Mask
Ancient Diver's Helmet.pngAncient Diver's Helmet 1 5%
Ancient Diver's Plate.pngAncient Diver's Plate
Ancient Diver's Pants.pngAncient Diver's Pants
Astronaut Helmet.pngAstronaut Helmet
Astronaut Suit.pngAstronaut Suit
Astronaut Pants.pngAstronaut Pants
Beekeeper's Visor.pngBeekeeper's Visor
Beekeeper's Suit.pngBeekeeper's Suit
Beekeeper's Greaves.pngBeekeeper's Greaves
Capacitor's Hood.pngCapacitor's Hood
Capacitor's Robes.pngCapacitor's Robes
Capacitor's Leggings.pngCapacitor's Leggings
Centurion's Helmet.pngCenturion's Helmet
Centurion's Platemail.pngCenturion's Platemail
Centurion's Greaves.pngCenturion's Greaves
Charmcaster's Hat.pngCharmcaster's Hat
Charmcaster's Robe.pngCharmcaster's Robe
Charmcaster's Leggings.pngCharmcaster's Leggings
Commando's Visor.pngCommando's Visor
Commando's Suit.pngCommando's Suit
Commando's Greaves.pngCommando's Greaves
Fur Helmet.pngFur Helmet
Fur Coverings.pngFur Coverings
Fur Legwraps.pngFur Legwraps
Geode Helmet.pngGeode Helmet
Geode Chestplate.pngGeode Chestplate
Geode Leggings.pngGeode Leggings
Handsome Jack's Beautiful Visage.pngHandsome Jack's Beautiful Visage
Handsome Jack's Suit.pngHandsome Jack's Suit
Handsome Jack's Pants.pngHandsome Jack's Pants
The Hunted's Goggles.pngThe Hunted's Goggles
The Hunted's Hazard Suit.pngThe Hunted's Hazard Suit
The Hunted's Hazard Leggings.pngThe Hunted's Hazard Leggings
Outlaw's Hat.pngOutlaw's Hat
Outlaw's Vest.pngOutlaw's Vest
Outlaw's Pants.pngOutlaw's Pants
Plague Doctor's Mask.pngPlague Doctor's Mask
Plague Doctor's Robe.pngPlague Doctor's Robe
Plague Doctor's Greaves.pngPlague Doctor's Greaves
Protectorate Uniform.pngProtectorate Uniform
Protectorate Greaves.pngProtectorate Greaves
Rice Paddy Hat.pngRice Paddy Hat
Psycho Mask.pngPsycho Mask


  • Although statistically nearly impossible, getting the luckiest haul could grant 60 times greater than the purchase price, while the most unlucky haul could grant as little as 1,666,667 times less than the purchase price.
  • On average, each Strongbox will drop 39 Gold Coin.png 44 Silver Coin.png 94 Copper Coin.png in coins, making them not worth opening in large amounts for the coins alone.

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