Dag Dinger

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Dag Dinger
  • Dag Dinger item sprite
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Use time20 Very Fast
Tooltipby Explorer Trev Irwin
RarityRarity Level: 2
Research1 required

Dag Dinger is a Journal detailing an exploring story about the Moon Jelly Wizard.


Dag Dinger

 By Explorer Trev Irwin

Either those boomer shroomies I had for brekky hit too hard or I'm way too buggered, but some jellyfish with a hat and robe is flying around tossin' wildlife in a bubble while havin' a giggle. To think the stingers in the bloody water ain't enough, this one's got the hand of a wizard and the heart of a dolphin. Stirrer's been causin' all sorts of trouble overnight, and I ain't got the tools to deal with 'em yet. Wonder how space stingers taste over a barby.

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