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This is a guide intended to give a rough outline of progression through the Spirit Mod. The mod adds several new points of progression and makes several changes to the base game's mechanics as well, which will be mentioned throughout this guide.


Getting Started

The Player will start with the same basic tasks as a vanilla player would. The player may want to get basic wooden or ore upgrades to weapons and armor, as well as Life and Mana Crystals and basic Accessories before heading into the Briar biome. The player also needs to build a base and NPC Housing in order to get basic NPCs and items.

The Briar

The Briar is the earliest biome that the Spirit Mod adds to Terraria. It has an interconnected, root-like cave system, with one main entrance near the surface. If the Player is struggling to find the entrance, they can look for hanging, glowing vines underground. You need to be careful when entering the Underground Briar, as the main entrance features a long, vertical and open area. Ropes, Platforms and Grappling Hooks may help avoid most fall damage.

Inside the Underground Briar, you'll find multiple horizontal tunnels, in which you can find house-like structures, which will usually contain a Briar Chest and a Bone Altar. Destroying the Altar with any pickaxe or explosives will summon the Glade Wraith. This Mini-Boss drops 2 weapons that deal Melee and Magic damage, respectively.

Going further down, you will start finding Floran Ore, an Early-Game ore that can be crafted into Floran Bars when combined with Enchanted Leaves at an anvil. At the very bottom of the briar, there will be a small tunnel that'll lead to a room with a flower. Interacting with this flower will summon the Vinewrath Bane Boss, however, this boss isn't intended to be fought until later during Pre-Hardmode.

Early Bosses and Events

After getting your first upgrades, you'll want to start fighting bosses and events. The first boss that the Spirit Mod adds is Scarabeus, a Desert-Themed Boss that can only be summoned during daytime. Scarabeus will not unlock major events or bosses, however it will drop Chitin and some useful gear. For Tips on the Scarabeus fight, read Guide:Scarabeus Strategies.

Around this time, it may be useful to destroy a Demon Orb/Crimson Heart, in order to allow a Goblin Army to invade and cause the Arms Dealer to move in.

The next boss you'll want to fight is the Eye of Cthulhu. After defeating it, the Jelly Deluge Event may start happenning every night at Space, which will allow you to summon the Moon Jelly Wizard Boss, who drops many useful weapons. The Occultist will also start spawning during a Blood Moon, which will drop weapons and accessories alongside large ammounts of Dreamstride Essence, a useful crafting material for weapons and armor.

With all of these upgrades, you may want to start preparing to fight the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu.

Post-Evil Boss

After defeating the boss of your impurity biome, Enchanted Granite Chunks and Ancient Marble Chunks will spawn within their respective mini biomes, which may be utilized in armor sets and weapons. The Beholder Mini-Boss will also start spawning in marble biomes.

You can also head back into the depths of the Briar in order to fight the Vinewrath Bane. at this stage, you may also want to fight the Ancient Avian, a Sky-themed Boss that can only be summoned manually near the Space layer. Movement accessories are essential for this fight; however, the boss will drop useful weapons and two armor pieces focused on the Mage and Ranger classes.

Queen Bee can be fought anywhere at this stage of progression and is essential for Summoners as well as dropping useful weapons for all other classes. After doing all of this, you'll likely want to head to your world's Dungeon Entrance and fight Skeletron in order to gain access to the Dungeon.

Your main objectives in the Dungeon will be to find useful items such as the Cobalt Shield or Shadow Key, as well as rescuing the Mechanic NPC and collecting materials like Bones.

Late Pre-Hardmode and Hardmode Preparations

Once you get Dungeon upgrades, there are a few things you can do before defeating the Wall of Flesh and going into Hardmode. Firstly, you may want to defeat The Tide Event, which can be manually summoned at the Ocean. This Event has its own Mini-Boss, the R'lyehian, as well as lots of weapon drops and the Stream Scale, a crafting material used for a Mage armor set. This event gains new enemies, buffs and drops up until all Mech-Bosses have been defeated.

All classes, but particularly Summoner may want to travel to the The Underworld to collect Slagstone, a crafting material used to make powerful weapons (such as the Slagtern Staff) and the Slag Tyrant's armor, the best sentry-focused armor in Pre-Hardmode, however Bee armor is better for people who don’t use sentries.

Melee players can go into the Underground and Cavern snow biome to mine Cryolite Ore, which can be used to make the Cryolite armor set, a powerful Melee set. It can also be crafted into Magic and Ranged weapons.

The last boss available before defeating the Wall of Flesh is the Starplate Voyager. It can be summoned at an Astralite Beacon in the Asteroid Field. It drops Astralite Shards, which can used as a material for multiple weapons throughout the game, as well as the Astralite armor, a powerful Ranger set.

At this point, the player should be able to defeat the Wall of Flesh by throwing a Guide Voodoo Doll into lava and convert the world into Hardmode.