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There are currently 6 new Mounts added to the Spirit mod, with two of them having the ability to fly.



Item Mount Description Height (ft) Speed (mph) Source
Scarab Pendant.png Scarab Pendant Scarab Mount.png Scarab
  • Rolls through enemies at high speed
    Protects the player from contact damage
? 46 Treasure Bag (Scarabeus).png Treasure Bag (Scarabeus)
Bag O' Bait.png Bag O' Bait Crocosaur Mount.png Crocosaur
  • Bites nearby enemies
5 46 Crocosaur.png Crocosaur
Manta Harpoon.png Manta Harpoon Manta Ray.png Manta Ray
  • Incapable of movement on land
? 21 10 Coral.png Coral + 2 Shark Fin.png Shark Fin   @   Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil/Lead Anvil.png Lead Anvil
Obolos.png Obolos Ethereal Boat.png Ethereal Boat
  • Infinite flight time
  • No fall damage
? 42 ?


Item Mount Description Height (ft) Speed (mph) Source
Diabolic Horn.png Diabolic Horn Diabolic Platform.png Diabolic Platform
  • Infinite flight time
  • No fall damage
21 (Horizontal)
31 (Vertical)
38 (Diagonal)
Infernon.png Infernon
Solar Rattle.png Solar Rattle Drakomire Mount.png Drakomire
  • Defense increased by 40
  • Immunity to knockback
  • A damaging fiery trail is left behind
  • Every ten seconds the player can dash
  • No fall damage
15 41 Drakomire.png Drakomire
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