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These grant the character a temporary, usually short-lived buff when consumed. They are crafted at a Placed Bottle or an Alchemy Table.

Potion Tooltip Duration Icon
Jump Potion.png Jump Potion Greatly increases jump height 2 minutes
Jump Boost.png
Mirror Coat.png Mirror Coat Immunity to Stoned 3 minutes
Mirror Coat (buff).png
Olive Branch.png Olive Branch Greatly reduces enemy spawns 3 minutes
Peaceful Resolution.png
Runescribe Potion.png Runescribe Potion Magic attacks may causes enemies to erupt into runes
Increases magic damage by 5%
3 minutes
Soaring Potion.png Soaring Potion Increases the duration of flight by 25% 4 minutes
Soulguard Potion.png Soulguard Potion Getting hurt may cause all enemies to suffer 'Soul Burn' for a short while
Increases melee damage by 5%
3 minutes
Soul Guard.png
Spirit Potion.png Spirit Potion Increases damage and critical strike chance by 5%
Getting hurt occasionally spawns a damaging bolt to chase enemies
2 minutes
Spirit Aura.png
Sporecoid Potion.png Sporecoid Potion Causes the player to leave behind a damaging trail of mushrooms 2 minutes
Spore Release.png
Starburn Potion.png Starburn Potion Critical strikes may causes stars to fall from the sky
Increases ranged damage and critical strike chance by 4% when moving
3 minutes
Star Burn.png
Steadfast Potion.png Steadfast Potion Increases defense as health wanes
Reduces damage taken by 5%
4 minutes
Toxin Potion.png Toxin Potion Critical strikes inflict Festering Wounds
Increases critical strike chance by 4%
6 minutes
Toxic Strike.png
Zephyr Potion.png Zephyr Potion Temporarily grants a double jump 3 minutes
Aether Jump.png
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