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The Spirit Mod adds 21 new Pets to the game. 9 of them are Pets, and 2 of them are Light Pets. 6 of them are Master Mode-exclusive Pets, and 2 of them are Master Mode-exclusive Light Pets. Like normal Terraria pets, they serve no purpose other than to be visually appealing.



Buff Pet Item Source
Possessed Blade (buff).png Possessed Blade.pngPossessed Blade Demon Sheath.pngDemon Sheath Shadow Mimic.pngShadow Mimic
Muramasa.pngMuramasa + 5 Dreamstride Essence.pngDreamstride Essence   @   Iron Anvil.pngIron Anvil / Lead Anvil.pngLead Anvil
Peaceful Jellyfish (buff).png Peaceful Jellyfish.gifPeaceful Jellyfish Jelly Peace Candle.pngJelly Peace Candle Pink Jellyfish.pngPink Jellyfish


Buff Pet Item Source
Looming Presence.png Eldrich Abomination.gifEldrich Abomination Demon Tail.pngDemon Tail Demon.pngDemon Voodoo Demon.pngVoodoo Demon Red Devil.pngRed Devil
Waning Gibbous.png Faerie.gifFaerie Caged Moonlight.pngCaged Moonlight Zoologist.pngZoologist when the Spirit bestiary is at 50% completion.
Haunted Tome (buff).png Haunted Tome (pet).gifHaunted Tome Ancient Grimoire.pngAncient Grimoire Ancient Tome.pngAncient Tome
Phantom (buff).png Phantom (pet).gifPhantom Phantom Egg.pngPhantom Egg Phantom.pngPhantom
Support Saucer (buff).png Support Saucer.gifSupport Saucer Support Beacon.pngSupport Beacon Martian Officer.pngMartian Officer
Shadow Pup (buff).png Shadow Pup.gifShadow Pup Shadow Collar.pngShadow Collar Hellhound.pngHellhound

Light Pets

Buff Pet Item Source Provides Light
Cultfish (buff).png Cultfish.gifCultfish Mystical Cage.pngMystical Cage Sepulchre Chest.pngSepulchre Chest Tango Tick1.png
Lantern Power Battery (buff).png Lantern Power Battery.gifLantern Power Battery Ring of Willpower.pngRing of Willpower Drops from Asteroid Field enemies Tango Tick1.png

Master Mode only

These pets can only be acquired in Master Mode, but can be used anywhere.

Buff Pet Item Source
Tiny Scarab.png Lil' Scarab.pngLil' Scarab Scarab Food.pngScarab Food Scarabeus.pngScarabeus
Moon Jelly Lightbulb (buff).png Moon Jelly Lightbulb.gifMoon Jelly Lightbulb Curious Lightbulb.pngCurious Lightbulb Moon Jelly Wizard.pngMoon Jelly Wizard
Lil' Occultist (buff).png Lil' Occultist.pngLil' Occultist Ouija Board.pngOuija Board Occultist.pngOccultist
Wrathful Seedling (buff).png Wrathful Seedling.gifWrathful Seedling Withered Petal.pngWithered Petal Vinewrath Husk.pngVinewrath Husk
Ancient Hatchling (buff).png Ancient Hatchling.pngAncient Hatchling Ancient Egg.pngAncient Egg Ancient Avian.pngAncient Avian
Starplate Miniature (buff).png Starplate Miniature.gifStarplate Miniature Starplate Controller.pngStarplate Controller Starplate Voyager.pngStarplate Voyager
Minor Shadowflame (buff).png Minor Shadowflame.gifMinor Shadowflame Skull Chime.pngSkull Chime Dusking.pngDusking
Inferno (buff).png Inferno (pet).gifInferno Broken Horn.pngBroken Horn Infernon.pngInfernon
Atlas Jr. (buff).png Atlas Jr..gifAtlas Jr. Primordial Pebble.pngPrimordial Pebble Atlas.pngAtlas
Tools: Brilliant Harvester.png Usual Tools • Magnet Hook.png Grappling Hooks • Shadow Collar.png Summoning Tools • Astral Clock.png Other Tools