Pathogen Ward

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Thrall's Gate.png This page describes old mod content that was removed or replaced. The information here does not apply to the current version of the Spirit Mod.
Pathogen Ward
  • Pathogen Ward item sprite
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TooltipA bloody ward surrounds you, inflicting Blood Corruption to nearby enemies
Killing enemies within the aura restores some life
Hearts are more likely to drop from enemies
Provides immunity to the 'Poisoned' buff
Inflicts DebuffBlood Corruption.pngBlood Corruption
Debuff duration4 seconds
Debuff tooltipYour blood burns...
Grants immunity toPoisoned.png
RarityRarity Level: 4
Sell30 Silver Coin

The Pathogen Ward was a craftable accessory. When equipped, it increased life regeneration slightly, provided immunity to the Poisoned debuff and a bloody ward surrounded the player, inflicting the Blood Corruption debuff.



Crafting Station
Tinkerer's Workshop.pngTinkerer's Workshop
Ingredient(s) Amount

Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 1
Bezoar.png Bezoar 1
Pathogen Ward.png Pathogen Ward 1


  • Changed recipe to use Bloodstone instead of Sanguine Ward and Vitality Stone.
Equipable Items: Seraph's Breastplate.pngArmor • Strikeshield.pngAccessories ( Forsworn Pendant.pngCombat ) • Plague Doctor's Mask.pngVanity